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  With Full Force

Metal-, hardcore- och punkfestival startad 1994 i Werdau, Tyskland. Numera hålls festivalen på en flygplats i Löbnitz och har nått 30 000-strecket i besökare. Många stora artister har spelat på festivalen, liksom små Tyska band. Några exempel är Iron Maiden, Children Of Bodom, Slayer, Motörhead, Manowar, Heaven Shall Burn och Marilyn Manson. Det finns även en karaokescen och möjlighet för skateboarding och motorcross.

Festivalen brukar äga rum under sista veckan i juni eller första veckan i juli.

Bevakade festivaler:

    With Full Force 2009

Namn* Kommentar*

With Full Force With Full Force Skriven 2016-05-05 07:03:25
Hello friends,
due to various publications of the latest events regarding Five Finger Death Punch we received many requests whether the band´s gig at this year´s With Full Force would be at risk.

We can calm you down, we are in contact with the management and are intensely preparing the Full Force show together. The band is playing their big US tour at the moment (e.g. yesterday in Evansville), all flights for the festival season are booked and we have the reassurance of the management that the WFF show will definitely take place.

Look forward to a terrific WITH FULL FORCE from 1st - 3rd July 2016 with Five Finger Death Punch *** Slayer *** Amon Amarth *** Trivium *** Bad Religion *** Hatebreed *** Six feet under *** Behemoth *** Walls Of Jericho *** Cock Sparrer *** Paradise Lost *** Ektomorf *** and much more!

Save your tickets here:

We look forward to you! See you in July!
Your WFF Team

Here Link:
WFF news WFF news Skriven 2016-03-12 05:58:01
finally we can announce a new name for your favourite festival:
Founded 36 years ago and by now not a bit quieter, socially critical and more snappy than ever before the punkrock dinosaurs BAD RELIGION. The gentlemen from Los Angeles have released 17 official albums and fascinate millions of fans worldwide at their concerts but haven’t made it to the heaviest field yet. Now the time has come! Look forward to the only and exclusive festival gig 2016 in Germany – at the FULL FORCE!
WFF news WFF news Skriven 2016-01-05 04:09:42
Hello friends, first of all we want to wish you all the best for 2016!
And we also start the year with the next announcement: Another much loved band that you’ve chosen as your number 1 year for year will be back at the 23rd WFF – HATEBREED! We’ve heard your calls, invited the band again and the guys immediately said yes! What’s happening in front of and at the stage you will surely know yourselves. Those of you who don’t should definitely check it out. *** Also please note that there are only a few days left to save your attractive community ticket for a special price! As of Monday, the 11th January the special bundle campaign is over! *** Stay tuned and make yourselves some hot thoughts in this cold time. We will surely get back to you this week with some more news. Your WFF Team
With Full Force news With Full Force news Skriven 2015-12-22 03:15:51
If it doesn’t snow, at least your favourite THRASH santa is letting it rain blood on the field:
** S * L * A * Y * E * R **
The band which made the most WFF history is coming back home on the field next summer! Only the good kids are not getting a bludgeon – you have it already on your wish list!
Heavy X-Mas & a Metal New Year!
Your With Full Force Team

Here Link:
With Full Force news With Full Force news Skriven 2015-12-02 12:37:36
HOHOHO dear Full Force friends,
the time has come... Now you can find our WITH FULL FORCE ADVENT CALENDAR at!
Unlike the last years, this time 24 special and unique experiences are waiting for you behind 24 doors. With a little luck you can win and experience them on the heaviest field 2016! Let yourselves be surprised what extraordinary activities we´ve arranged for you. Have fun!

The lucky winners will be announced end of December on our homepage! For redeeming your win at the WFF of course you should own a valid festival ticket for 2016.

To those of you who are still looking for Christmas presents, have a look in our WFF Shop. Aside from the Community Shirt Special you can find the latest WFF collection and various remaining stocks for special prices!

And now lots of fun with opening doors! Here is the WFF Advent Calendar: