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KRYPTERIA is a German-Korean four piece, fronted by lead singer Ji-In Cho. Ji-In, who studied vocals and piano at the renowned Musikhochschule/Cologne, and her trio of band mates form one of Europe's hottest live acts. KRYPTERIA have a knack for dramatic punch-you-in-the-face songs with sizzling melodies all spiced up with mysterious atmospheres and classical elements such as their trademark Gregorian chants. After teaming up at the end of 2004 the band got off to a remarkable start by scoring a Top3 position on the German charts accompanied by a gold record for Tsunami charity song "Liberatio". Now the foursome returns to the stage to bring the hammer down again live. That's when Ji-In will continue to paint sensually on the canvas of emotion, while the guys will work their rears off to rock the living daylight out of the audience.


Bevakade spelningar:

   2010-10-23 Krypteria (Metal Female Voices Fest 2010)

   2007-08-12 Krypteria (Mera Luna 2007)

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