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From the docks, out of Sweden’s southmost harbor, IMMINENCE rises like the tide. The quintet conquers stage after stage with precision, presence and pure commotion to not leave anyone untouched in the audience.

Their six-stringed progressive post metalcore is as heavy as admiralty-pattern anchors and the atmosphere as endless as the seven seas whilst the lyrics reflect the deepest parts of their minds.

With heavy weight references like Swedish WALKING WITH STRANGERS and American AUGUST BURNS RED, IMMINENCE keeps to unrestrainedly climb the wave of metal that will wash over the genre.

""Born of Sirius" is a four-piece, somewhat exceptional composition in the school of AUGUST BURNS RED and CALIBAN. IMMINENCE smoothly transcends between blast beats, heavy breakdowns, two-beats and melodic sections and creates a sound that is as consistent as i it is diverse. "The Deceiver" is a brilliant definition that summarizes the entire package. With "The Devourer" the group has written a wall of death-anthem by rank, after the (incredibly good!) opening guitar strand has given way for focused, dramatic mauling." (8/10)

- Sebastian Zweiniger, Close-Up Magazine, #141 June 2012, "IMMINENCE, Born of Sirius".

"With "Born of Sirius", IMMINENCE shows that they are a band to count on and they can very well measure themselves with others within the same genre such as WALKING WITH STRANGERS. These guys have potential." (7/10)

- Jonas Persson,, "EP: Imminence - Born of Sirius".

IMMINENCE began as a music project, the fall of 2009, with roots in the melodic death metal genre. The project was founded by guitarist Harald Barrett and former percussionist Max Frejd in the southernmost part of Sweden.

After a couple of creative months, they felt the need for fresh blood. The first additions to be recruited were Nicolas Jakobsson on bass, and shortly after, Eddie Berg on vocals.

As the group developed, another space had to be filled. In late February 2010, guitarist Alex Arnoldsson joined the group. Simultaneously a decision was made, the band were to be called IMMINENCE.

By this time they had slowly started to leave the original genre, melodic death metal, and begun breaking new ground. With a more open-minded character, new influences were gathered from a variety of different metal genres. The sound created was far more unique, and the quality of the music became more atmospheric, dynamic and powerful than before.

Six months later IMMINENCE entered the studio for the first time and recorded their first demo.

The composition of band members has changed along the way; and until finally Peter Hanström took over the drums, also Robin Jensen has filled the place. Short before their first self-issued EP “Born of Sirius” was to be recorded in March 2012, bassist Nicolas Jakobsson left the band and was temporarily replaced by Patrik Tynell during the recording session.

Ultimately Fredrik Rosdahl joined the ranks as the new fifth member and bass player.

”Born of Sirius” was met with great appreciation and enthusiasm by the fans as well as the critics, whereof one striking review by Close-Up Magazine (8/10).

The band has since then opened for acts likes HAMMERFALL, AMARANTHE, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and been hand-picked by CLOSE-UP MAGAZINE to perform at Sweden's largest metal festival, METALTOWN, with bands such as SLAYER, LAMB OF GOD, MARILYN MANSON, KILLSWITCH ENGARE, IN FLAMES and many more.

2013, IMMINENCE signs with ORKA NETWORKS too handle all their promotion and booking in southern Asia aswell as a record deal with WE ARE TRIUMPHANT RECORDS distributed by VICTORY RECORDS. The band is current with their second music video "Wine & Water" and the release of their second EP "Return to Helios" through WE ARE TRIUMPHANT RECORDS.


Bevakade spelningar:

   2019-08-25 Imminence (High 5ive Summer Fest 2019)

   2019-08-10 Imminence (Malmöfestivalen 2019)

   2013-09-07 Imminence (Helldorado Rockfest 2013)

   2013-01-26 Imminence (Kb - Malmö)

   2012-10-27 Imminence (Released Live And Unsigned - Malmö)

   2012-06-15 Imminence (Metaltown 2012)

   2011-05-14 Imminence (Emergenza - Malmö)

   2011-03-27 Imminence (Emergenza - Malmö)

   2011-01-26 Imminence (Emergenza - Malmö)

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