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Von Hertzen Brothers & Touchstone - Garage, London - 25th October 2013 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Von Hertzen Brothers & Touchstone - Garage, London - 25th October 2013



Tonight's gig is a co-headline tour that unites two great Prog acts on one bill - Touchstone and Von Hertzen Brothers. Tonight Touchstone are up first, but I believe that at some of the other nights Von Hertzen Brothers have opened the bill. Either way it's two great bands. The crowd certainly agree and well before Touchstone go on stage the venue is looking pretty busy.

British band Touchstone open the night with "Flux", taken from their new album that came out just a couple of weeks ago (Oceans of time), so it's not surprising that the majority of tonight's set is taken from that album - in fact 6 of the 8 songs we get are off the new album. The band look to be having a great time on stage, and singer Kim Seviour takes the time to joke with fans as she turns the simpel of job of pointing out the merch stand into an aitline stewardess style routine. The band are sounding on great form tonight and are clearly going down a storm with fans. Although Kim's voice isn't as rich as some female singers, she does still sound great as her voice fits the music nicely. After their set I notice a number of fans heading off home, so it's clear that Touchstone brought a fair few fans to see them.

Touchstone setlist:

Solace 2013
Spirit of the age
Shadow's end
Through the night
Strange days

Happily though most stayed around to see Finland's Von Hertzen Brothers. There are three of the brothers in the band along with two other musicians. Following Touchstone they had a hard act to follow, and they more than rise to the challenge. They kick off with a couple of songs that are much heavier and more powerful than Touchstone, and show that they're out to be the best band of the night. Much as I loved Touchstone, Von Hertzen Brothers are by far the better band tonight putting in a truly impressive set with great musicianship and plenty of energy. At times the three brothers are all beating on drums or other percussion instruments - and I do mean beating as they put all their energy into huge pounding swings of the drumsticks.

If you haven't seen Touchstone or Von Hertzen Brothers before then you really ought to try and see them next time they tour as both bands are well worth watching for any Prog fans.

Von Hertzen Brothers setlist:

Coming Home
Lost in time
Angel's Eyes
In the End
Always Been Right
Flowers And Rusts
Kiss a wish
Let Thy Will Be Done
Prospect for escape


Skribent: Anthony May
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