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Pears Interview | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pears Interview



Maybe you have heard about Pears and their energy, but there’s no such thing as seeing them live… let me introduce you Zach and Brian!

Q: How is it to be here in Slovenia, at this amazing festival, which everyone is talking about, are you excited?

Both: Very excited, it's a gorgeous valley, it's pretty rare.

Q: The Real McKenzies said that you are amazing on stage and in the backstage. What's your favourite band or the one you prefer to share the stage with?

Both: We really don't like the Real McKenzies! - laughing -. Teenage Bottlerocket, Lagwagon, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. We're really lucky, we met a lot of really nice people, so it's hard to choose. Actually, I think that I've always met just some members, not all the entire band, just like two or three guys. But everyone is awesome.

Q: You guys have reached success is a very quick way, just in few years, how do you feel about it?

Both: If it didn't happen like that, it would be very frustrating – laughing -. I mean we are super lucky, it's brilliant: we hang out together, play music all day and play in front of such amazing people. We are also lucky to have people like Brian Young, and especially thanks to Fat (Mike) taking us as a band after a year. We had really a lot of lucky breaks. I hope that we we continue to make them to start making real money; or it may not happen – laughing - it's not the 90s anymore, it's not that easy now in the music industry, but..

Q: Do you have any kind of preparation ritual before going up on stage?

Brian: Yeah, some gestures all together like putting our hands in circle and doing hop hop.
I don't prepare, I don't stretch, I just sit down and relax.

Q: What about your plans for the future?

Brian: We have a headliner tour in the U.S. in October, then we are coming back to Europe in November with Rise Against.
Zach: I will come back to Europe next month for a solo, with Joey Cape (Lagwagon): the first show will be in London.

Q: Do you prefer to play at big festivals or do you prefer to play at more intimate shows?

Brian: We like both of them. Playing at big festivals you hang out with a lot of friends, and it's great.
Zach: I like them both for different reasons: the active performance is just much better in small clubs, but festivals are on a different level. I think that Pears don't come across well outside, especially in the daylight. Better in dark, tiny club. But this festival is beautiful and fun.

Q: And no barriers!

Both: Yeah, that's great! I like that.

So, if you haven't seen them live, don't miss them playing again next autumn in Europe and be prepared to be slammed by Pears.

Skribent: Stefania Grosso
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