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Hades: Resisting Success (Re-release + Bonus) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hades: Resisting Success (Re-release + Bonus)



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

HADES is a long story. The first sign of life came with the Megaforce collection “Born to Metalize” in 1983. As a covers band they had a sizeable repertoire, but they still started writing their own material. In 1984 they featured on the “Metal Massacre 6” compilation by Metal Blade, and in 1985 the line-up of Alan Tecchio, vocals, Dan Lorenzo, guitars, Scott LePage, guitars, Jimmy Schulman, bass, and Tom Coombs, drums, was a fact. In 1986 they released this album via Torrid Records, the then home of EXODUS first effort. Gigs with the likes of ANTHRAX, MEGADETH and TESTAMENT followed. They were moving places at the time; heedless of the rest, but 1986 was a fine vintage for HADES.

1986 was something to remember. “The Leaders?” is speed, thrash and prog at the same time, like a musical Kinder Egg. The voice and the guitars dominate, no wonder Alan and Dan have reached a certain level of fame for their contributions. There is of cause the typical sound of US 80´s heavy metal, and heaps of influences from the NWOBHM. Dan and Scott was a fine guitar combo, still Scott was not to be on the follow up in 1988. Their prog ambitions shine through on a couple of tracks, mostly “Sweet Revenge” and “The Cross”. Their old demo song “Nightstalker” was probably a must when the album was put together, a solid speed/heavy metal song with a healthy potion of JUDAS PRIEST included. In retrospect it seems unfair that bands like ANTHRAX and METAL CHURCH made it so much further than the prog technical HADES. And we all know that i.e. Dave Mustaine live is no Alan Tecchio. Only four of the songs on offer here made their way into the “Live on Location” album, I strongly believe that “Widows Mite (Chapter Eleven)” should have been in there. The progressive “The Cross” made the cut, an excellent and varied choice. “Masque of the Red Death” points to the future, but better things were yet to come. The bonuses include a much more modest version of the band with Paul Smith on vocals, a Scott LePage-driven instrumental, a Big Four sounding remix of “The Leaders”, another version of “Nightstalker”, everything a diehard can ask for. HADES first offering was tasty enough, and should have been a part of a long and shiny career.

Track List
The Leaders?
On to Iliad
Legal Tender
Sweet Revenge
Resist Success
Widow´s Mite (Chapter Eleven)
The Cross
Masque of the Red Death

Bonus Tracks
Gloomy Sunday
The Leaders? (Remix)
Nightstalker (Rough Mix)
Easy Way Out
Sledgehammer Press (LePage Version)

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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