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Redaktionen, fotografer och skribenter | FESTIVALPHOTO

Francesco Dose


I kameraväskan hittar man:

Nikon d300, nikkor 50 mm f1.8, nikkor 24-120 mm f3.5-5.5, tamron 70-200mm f 2.8

I am 30 years old freelance photographer,i'm not a good writer and probably not an expert in photography, but i have passion for it and i love the music and what arouse me is take a shoot of every feature of this wonderful world.And probably this is a good mix for grow up in this swell field

Bilder tagna av Francesco Dose:

2018-08-12 - 2018-08-14 Bay Fest
2017-08-07 - 2017-08-11 Punk rock holiday
2016-08-09 - 2016-08-12 Punk Rock Holiday
2016-08-08 - 2016-08-12 Punk Rock holiday
2016-06-30 Bad religion (Area Palaverde - Azzano x)
2016-06-30 Sick Tamburo (Area Palaverde - Azzano x)
2016-06-30 Supersuckers (Area Palaverde - Azzano x)
2016-06-14 The Offspring (Rimini Park Rock - Rimini)
2016-06-14 Pennywise (Rimini Park Rock - Rimini)
2016-06-14 Good Riddance (Rimini Park Rock - Rimini)
2015-08-04 - 2015-08-07 Punk Rock Holiday
2013-07-10 - 2013-07-13 Punk Rock Holiday

Författat av Francesco Dose:

2018-08-21 Enjoy! The fest (Eng)
2018-04-27 The exploited (Eng)
2018-04-26 Venice Hardcore Festival 2018 (Eng)
2018-04-26 Bay Fest 2018 (Eng)