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Redaktionen, fotografer och skribenter | FESTIVALPHOTO

Joakim Öberg


I kameraväskan hittar man:

Sony a7rII
Sigma 40mm Art f1.4

Hey thanks for checking out more info about me

I hope all of you are feeling well.
Photography has been a passion of mine for many years.
I tend to see the world around me with an photographic eye.
I Love to walk in the deep woods, exploring interesting locations, and historical sites.
I also bring my camera with me to concerts I attend, mostly metal shows on the club scene in Gothenburg, but also some festivals around Scandinavia, I go to a bunch of Concerts every year, and not only metal, but also Americana, Folk etc

I love when people show appreciation for my work, especially when bands I shoot do it. Send me a message if you are interested in downloads or prints of my work.

Spread love, enjoy life, live in the moment. // Love & Empathy Jocke, Gothenburg, Sweden

You can find my personal portfolio here:

Bilder tagna av Joakim Öberg:

2024-06-28 Cavalera Conspiracy (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2024-03-28 - 2024-03-31 Inferno Metal Festival
2023-11-25 Solstafir (Brewhouse - Göteborg)
2023-11-03 - 2023-11-04 Imperium Urban Siege 3
2023-10-07 Myrkur (Bohus Fästning - Kungälv)
2023-07-13 - 2023-07-15 Gefle Metal Festival
2023-07-09 Wardruna (Borgholms Slottsruin - Borgholm)
2023-07-08 Mari Boine (Borgholms Slottsruin - Borgholm)
2023-06-21 - 2023-06-24 Tons Of Rock
2023-06-16 Mammoth WVH (Ullevi - Göteborg)
2023-06-16 Volbeat (Ullevi - Göteborg)
2023-06-16 Metallica (Ullevi - Göteborg)
2023-06-05 The Halo Effect (Göteborgs Jubileumsfestival - Göteborg)
2023-04-26 Suffocation (Musikens Hus - Göteborg)
2023-04-22 Meshuggah (Partille Arena - Partille)
2023-04-22 The Halo Effect (Partille Arena - Göteborg)
2023-04-18 Hypocrisy (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2023-04-18 The Unguided (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2023-04-08 E-L-R (Brewhouse - Göteborg)
2023-04-08 Wolves In The Throne Room (Brewhouse - Göteborg)
2023-04-07 Cannibal Corpse (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2023-04-07 Storm Ruler (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2023-04-07 Ingested (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2023-04-07 Dark Funeral (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2023-03-01 Decapitated (Valand - Göteborg)
2023-02-28 Devin Townsend (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2023-02-18 Kanonenfieber (The Abyss Bar - Göteborg)
2023-02-01 Leprous (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2023-02-01 Kalandra (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2023-01-23 Alluvial (Valand - Göteborg)
2023-01-23 Goatwhore (Valand - Göteborg)
2022-10-29 Gaerea (Pustervik - Göteborg)
2022-10-28 Eivor (Annexet - Stockholm)
2019-07-09 Metallica (Ullevi - Göteborg)

Författat av Joakim Öberg:

2024-07-01 Cavalera, Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden 2024-06-28 (Eng)