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Mikael Johansson


Jag kallas Miggo, har hållit på med recensioner och intervjuer sedan 2002/03. Först på Bright Eyes Magazine/Sweden Rock Magazine, sedan där och på, därefter bara, en site som snart kommer tillbaka, och nu är jag här.
Sedan lite drygt ett år tillbaka håller jag även på med i Jönköping.

Bilder tagna av Mikael Johansson:

2018-06-15 - 2018-06-16 Subkult

Författat av Mikael Johansson:

2016-02-19 Tygers Of Pan Tang: Noises from the Cathouse +3 (Eng)
2015-11-15 Blitzkrieg: A Time of Changes - 30th Anniversary Edition (Eng)
2015-11-15 Reverence: Gods of War (Eng)
2015-11-15 Avatarium: The Girl with the Raven Mask (Eng)
2015-11-08 Blackmore´s Night: All Our Yesterdays (Eng)
2015-11-08 Kelly Keeling: Mind Radio (Eng)
2015-10-18 Praying Mantis: Legacy (Eng)
2015-10-15 BLITZKRIEG to release "A Time of Changes - 30th Anniversary Edition (Eng)
2015-06-21 Whitesnake: The Purple Album (Eng)
2015-06-21 Ten: Isla de Muerta (Eng)
2015-06-21 Killer: Monsters of Rock (Eng)
2015-06-21 Killer: Monsters of Rock (Eng)
2015-06-07 Romeo´s Daughter: Spin (Eng)
2015-06-07 Nelson: Peace Out (Eng)
2015-06-07 Peterik/Scherer: Risk Everything (Eng)
2015-05-31 FM: Heroes & Villains (Eng)
2015-05-31 Ereb Altor: Nattramn (Eng)
2015-05-17 Impellitteri: Venom (Eng)
2015-05-17 Eclipse: Armageddonize (Eng)
2015-05-17 Furyon: Lost Salvation (Eng)
2015-04-27 Level 10: Chapter 1 (Eng)
2015-04-27 Deaf Dealer: Journey Into Fear (Eng)
2015-04-18 Sweet & Lynch: Only to Rise (Eng)
2015-04-18 Pat Travers band: Live at the Iridium NYC (Eng)
2015-03-16 Europe: War of Kings (Eng)
2015-03-16 Uriah Heep: Live at Koko (Eng)
2015-03-11 Jorn Lande & Trond Holter Present Dracula: Swing of Death (Eng)
2015-03-11 Yes: Like It Is: Yes Live at the Bristol Hippodrome (Eng)
2015-03-08 EUROPE - Mic Michaeli on War of Kings (Eng)
2015-02-15 Harem Scarem: Thirteen (Eng)
2015-02-15 In Faith: There´s a Storm Coming (Eng)
2015-02-15 Dennis DeYoung: ...and the Music of Styx Live in Los Angeles (Eng)
2015-01-06 Foreigner;: Best of 4 and More (Eng)
2015-01-06 Ten: Albion (Eng)
2015-01-06 Work of Art: Framework (Eng)
2015-01-06 Lonely Camel: Shit City (Eng)
2015-01-06 Alestorm: Sunset On the Golden Age (Eng)
2014-12-22 Bailey: Long Way Down (Eng)
2014-12-22 Crazy Lixx: S/T (Eng)
2014-12-22 Vega: Stereo Messiah (Eng)
2014-12-22 Alunah: Awakening the Forest (Eng)
2014-12-22 Megasonic: Intense (Eng)
2014-12-22 Warlord UK: We Die as One (Eng)
2014-12-09 Whitesnake: Live in 84 - Back to the Bone (Eng)
2014-12-09 Heart and Friends: Home for the Holidays (Eng)
2014-11-29 Isole: The Calm Hunter (Eng)
2014-11-29 Rated X: S/T (Eng)
2014-11-29 Allen/Lande: The Great Divide (Eng)
2014-11-29 Skyscraper: Elevation (Eng)
2014-11-17 Mr Big: Stories We Could Tell (Eng)
2014-11-17 Asia: High Voltage Live (Eng)
2014-11-17 Asia: High Voltage Live (Eng)
2014-11-04 Dalton: Pit Stop (Eng)
2014-11-04 Stryper: Live at the Whiskey (Eng)
2014-11-04 X-Drive: Get Your Rock On (Eng)
2014-10-18 Manny Charlton: Sharp/Sharp Re-Loaded (Eng)
2014-10-18 Ted Nugent: Shut Up & Jam (Eng)
2014-10-18 The Order of Asrafel: Wisdom (Eng)
2014-10-18 Yes: Heaven & Earth (Eng)
2014-09-03 BRB: Razorback - First Bite (Eng)
2014-09-02 Night by Night: NxN (Eng)
2014-08-29 Pet the Preacher:: The Cave and the Sunlight (Eng)
2014-08-29 Grave Digger: Return of the Reaper (Eng)
2014-08-29 Bloody Hammer (Eng)
2014-08-27 Cancer: The Sins of Mankind (Eng)
2014-08-24 Cancer: Death Shall Rise (Eng)
2014-08-24 Cancer: To the Gory End (Eng)
2014-08-15 Oliver Dawson Saxon: Blood and Thunder LIve (Eng)
2014-08-15 Uriah Heep: Outsider (Eng)
2014-08-15 Tesla: Simplicity (Eng)
2014-08-15 Night Ranger: High Road (Eng)
2014-08-15 Three Lions: S/T (Eng)
2014-08-15 Twilight Force: Tales of Ancient Prophecies (Eng)
2014-08-15 Unisonic: For the Kingdom EP (Eng)
2014-08-15 Miracle Master: Tattooed Woman (Eng)
2014-07-28 Neal Schön: So U (Eng)
2014-07-28 Exorcism: I Am God (Eng)
2014-07-28 Gamma Ray: Empire of the Undead (Eng)
2014-07-23 Robin George - The Historical View (Eng)
2014-07-05 Robin George: History (Eng)
2014-06-29 Wombbath: Internal Caustic Torments (Eng)
2014-06-29 Centinex: Subconscious Lobotomy V.II.MCMXCIX (Eng)
2014-06-26 Hollywood Monsters (Eng)
2014-06-26 California Breed: S/T (Eng)
2014-06-26 Winger: Better Days Comin´ (Eng)
2014-06-26 The Graviators: Motherload (Eng)
2014-06-26 Mountain Throne: Stormcoven (Eng)
2014-06-12 Sebastian Bach: Give ´Em Hell (Eng)
2014-06-12 Adramelech: Psychostasia (Eng)
2014-06-12 Fatal Smile: White Trash Heroes (Eng)
2014-06-01 Torchure: Beyond the Veil (Eng)
2014-06-01 Devil´s Heaven: Heaven on Earth (Eng)
2014-06-01 Jackson Firebird: Cock Rockin (Eng)
2014-06-01 W.E.T.: One Live - In Stockholm (Eng)
2014-06-01 Heart: Fanatic Live at Caesars Palace (Eng)
2014-05-04 Pretty Maids: Louder than Ever (Eng)
2014-05-04 Skyliner: Outsiders (Eng)
2014-05-04 Azoria: Seasons Change (Eng)
2014-05-04 Boston: Life, Love & Hope (Eng)
2014-04-27 Asia: Gravitas (Eng)
2014-04-27 L.R.S.: Down to the Core (Eng)
2014-04-27 Benedictum: Obey (Eng)
2014-04-07 Primal Fear: Delivering the Black (Eng)
2014-04-07 Royal Hunt: A Life to Die For (Eng)
2014-04-07 Angelica: Thrive (Eng)
2014-04-02 House of Lords: Precious Metal (Eng)
2014-02-24 Ring of Fire: Battle of Leningrad (Eng)
2014-02-24 Lover Under Cover: Into the Night (Eng)
2014-02-24 Red Dragon Cartel: ST (Eng)
2014-02-24 REO Speedwagon: Live at Moondance Jam (Swe)
2014-01-12 Jack Starr featuring Rhett Forrester: Out of the Darkness (Eng)
2014-01-12 Stryper: No More Hell to Pay (Eng)
2014-01-12 Place Vendome: Thunder in the Distance (Eng)
2014-01-12 Def Leppard: Viva! Hysteria (Eng)
2014-01-12 Master of Disguise: Knutson´s Return EP (Eng)
2013-12-06 Saxon: Unplugged and Strung Up (Eng)
2013-12-06 Motörhead: Aftershock (Eng)
2013-12-06 The Answer: New Horizons (Eng)
2013-12-06 ColdSpell: Frozen Paradise (Eng)
2013-12-06 Michael Monroe: Horns and Halos (Eng)
2013-11-15 Little River Band: Cuts Like a Diamond (Eng)
2013-11-15 Vengeance: Piece of Cake (Eng)
2013-11-15 Lita Ford: The Bitch Is Back...Live (Eng)
2013-11-15 Shatter Messiah: Hail the New Cross (Eng)
2013-11-15 Fergie Frederiksen: Any Given Moment (Eng)
2013-11-15 Ereb Altor: Fire Meets Ice (Eng)
2013-11-09 Sandstone: Delta Viridian (Eng)
2013-11-04 Blitzkrieg: Back from Hell (Eng)
2013-10-12 Arc Angel: Harlequins of Light (Eng)
2013-10-12 Chasing Violets: Jade Hearts (Eng)
2013-10-12 Magnus Karlsson´s Free Fall: S/T (Eng)
2013-10-12 King´s Call: Lion´s Den (Eng)
2013-10-12 Facebreaker: Dedicated to the Flesh (Eng)
2013-10-12 Black Star Riders: All Hell´s Breaking Loose (Eng)
2013-10-12 Stala & So: Play Another Round (Eng)
2013-09-15 The Burning Crows: Behind the Veil (Eng)
2013-09-01 Death Dealer; War Master (Eng)
2013-09-01 Robin Beck: Underneath (Eng)
2013-09-01 Duskmachine: S/T (Eng)
2013-08-29 King Kobra: II (Eng)
2013-08-29 Whitesnake: Made in Britain (Eng)
2013-08-23 Fun teasers from Annihilator, release of "Feast" is today! (Eng)
2013-08-23 Annihilator: Feast DeLuxe (Eng)
2013-08-23 Manowar: The Lord of Steel Live EP (Eng)
2013-08-18 Johansson & Speckmann: Sulphur Skies (Eng)
2013-08-18 Master: Unknown Soldier - Unreleased 1985 Album (Swe)
2013-08-18 Manowar: Warriors of the World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition (Eng)
2013-08-18 Blackmore´s Night: Dancer and the Moon (Eng)
2013-08-18 Pat Travers: Can Do (Eng)
2013-08-04 Skid Row: United World Rebellion - Chapter One (Eng)
2013-08-04 The Poodles: Tour de Force (Eng)
2013-08-04 Deadlands: Evilution (Eng)
2013-08-03 Artlantica: Across the Seven Seas (Eng)
2013-08-03 Lawless: Rock Savage (Eng)
2013-08-03 Jorn: Traveller (Eng)
2013-08-02 DEMONICAL announce new line-up! (Eng)
2013-08-02 BODYFARM: New song revealed! (Eng)
2013-07-23 Saffire: From Ashes to Fire (Eng)
2013-07-23 Giuntini Project: IV (Eng)
2013-07-23 M:Pire of Evil: Crucified (Eng)
2013-07-23 Snowfall: Cold Silence (Eng)
2013-07-07 Deep Purple: Now What?! (Eng)
2013-07-07 Vicious Rumors: Electric Punishment (Eng)
2013-07-07 Sodom: Epitome of Torture (Eng)
2013-07-07 Kingdome Come: Outlier (Eng)
2013-06-30 Minotaurus: The Call (Eng)
2013-06-28 Powerworld: Cybersteria (Eng)
2013-06-28 Burning Rain: Epic Obsession (Eng)
2013-06-26 Huntress: Starbound Beast (Eng)
2013-06-26 Timo Tolkki´s Avalon: The Land of New Hope (Eng)
2013-06-26 Vindictiv: Cage of Infinity (Eng)
2013-06-23 LA Guns: Tango on Sunset Strip (Hollywood Forever) (Eng)
2013-06-23 Brian Connolly´s Sweet: Let´s Do It Again (All the Hits and More) (Eng)
2013-06-07 Fair Warning: Sundancer (Eng)
2013-06-07 Anton Johansson´s Galahad Suite: S/T (Eng)
2013-06-07 Gloryhammer: Tales from the Kingdom of Fife (Eng)
2013-06-07 Airless: Changes (Eng)
2013-05-24 Burning Rain: Pleasure to Burn (Eng)
2013-05-24 Burning Rain: S/T (Eng)
2013-05-23 Whitesnake: Made in Japan (Eng)
2013-05-23 N.O.W.: Bohemian Kingdom (Eng)
2013-05-02 Redrum: Victims of Our Circumstances (Eng)
2013-05-02 Stryper: Second Coming (Eng)
2013-05-02 Code of Silence: Dark Skies Over Babylon (Swe)
2013-05-02 Night Ranger: Big in Japan (Eng)
2013-05-02 Molly Hatchet: Paying Tribute (Eng)
2013-04-23 Pretty Maids: Motherland (Eng)
2013-04-23 Sebastian Bach: ABachalypse Now (Eng)
2013-04-21 Astronomikon: Dark Gorgon Rising (Eng)
2013-04-21 Rocky Shades´ Wildside Riot: No Second Take (Eng)
2013-04-21 Hatriot: Heroes of Origin (Eng)
2013-04-21 Audrey Horne: Youngblood (Eng)
2013-04-09 Shannon: Circus of Lost Souls (Eng)
2013-04-09 Raven Lord: Descent to the Underworld (Eng)
2013-04-09 Heavatar: Opus I - All My Kingdoms (Eng)
2013-04-09 Mortillery: Origin of Extinction (Eng)
2013-04-09 Damnation Angels: Bringer of Light (Eng)
2013-03-03 Rage of Angels: Dreamworld (Eng)
2013-03-03 Jorn: Symphonic (Eng)
2013-02-28 Tainted Nation: F.E.A.R. (Eng)
2013-02-28 Edge: Heaven Knows (Eng)
2013-02-28 Crashdiet: The Savage Playground (Eng)
2013-02-28 Giant X: I (Eng)
2013-02-28 Royal Hunt: 20th Anniversary - Special Edition (Eng)
2013-02-17 Widowmaker: S/T (Eng)
2013-02-17 Pinnick Gales Pridgen: S/T (Eng)
2013-02-17 Pink Cream 69: Ceremonial (Eng)
2013-02-17 Steel Raiser: Regeneration (Eng)
2013-02-17 Wishbone Ash: Live in Geneva 1995 (Eng)
2013-02-11 Screamer: Phoenix (Eng)
2013-02-11 Witchgrave: S/T (Eng)
2013-02-07 Deep Machine: Whispers in the Black EP (Eng)
2013-02-07 Amon-Ra: In the Company of the Gods (Eng)
2013-02-07 Adorned Brood: Kuningaz (Eng)
2013-02-07 Dirt: Rock´n´Roll Accident (Eng)
2013-02-07 Ten: Heresy and Creed (Swe)
2013-02-07 Infinite Translation: Masked Reality (Eng)
2013-02-03 Weapons to Hunt: Blessed in Sin (Eng)
2013-02-03 Lover Under Cover: Set the Night on Fire (Eng)
2013-02-03 Razzmattazz: Rock´n´Roll Hero (Eng)
2013-01-31 Snakecharmer: S/T (Eng)
2013-01-29 Helloween: Straight Out of Hell (Eng)
2013-01-29 Asia: Resonance - Live in Basel (Eng)
2013-01-29 Neal Schon: The Calling (Eng)
2013-01-28 Eyefear: The Inception of Darkness (Eng)
2013-01-26 Best of 2012, what I hope you will remember from a productive year in music (Swe)
2013-01-26 Speaking to Stones: Elements (Eng)
2013-01-24 Saxon: Sacrifice (Swe)
2013-01-24 Phoenix Rising: On the Loose (Eng)
2013-01-24 A Perfect Day: S/T (Eng)
2013-01-04 Fullforce: Next Level (Eng)
2013-01-04 Ex Deo: Caligvla (Eng)
2013-01-04 Huntress: Spell Eater (Eng)
2012-12-31 Vicious Rumors: LIVE You to Death (Eng)
2012-12-31 Vanderbuyst: Flying Dutchmen (Eng)
2012-12-31 Mystery Blue: Conquer the World (Eng)
2012-12-31 Soleil Moon: On the Way to Everything (Eng)
2012-12-31 Night Ranger: 24 Strings and a Drummer - Live and Accoustic (Eng)
2012-12-31 Paragon: Force of Destruction (Eng)
2012-12-31 Electric Light Orchestra: Mr. Blue Sky - The Very Best of ELO (Eng)
2012-12-31 Jeff Lynne: Long Wave (Eng)
2012-12-23 Y&T: Live at the Mystic (Eng)
2012-12-23 Civilization One: Calling the Gods (Eng)
2012-12-23 Jimi Jamison: Never Too Late (Eng)
2012-12-23 Pride of Lions: Immortal (Eng)
2012-12-23 Lord of Mushrooms: Perspectives (Eng)
2012-12-09 Issa: Can´t Stop (Eng)
2012-12-09 Nubian Rose: Mountain (Eng)
2012-12-09 Macbeth: Wiedergänger (Eng)
2012-12-09 Hysterica The Art of Metal (Eng)
2012-11-29 Red Lamb: S/T (Eng)
2012-11-29 Sinister: The Carnage Ending (Eng)
2012-11-29 The Graviators: Evil Deeds (Eng)
2012-11-23 Son of a Bitch: Victim You (Eng)
2012-11-15 Dawn of Winter: The Skull of the Sorcerer (Eng)
2012-11-15 Impera: Legacy of Life (Eng)
2012-11-15 KIX: Live in Baltimore (Eng)
2012-11-15 Unchained: Oncoming Chaos (Eng)
2012-11-15 Puteraeon: Call Cthulu (Eng)
2012-11-10 Love.Might.Kill: 2 Big 2 Fail (Eng)
2012-11-10 Thrustor: Abyssmal Fear (Eng)
2012-11-10 Liv Kristine: Libertine (Eng)
2012-11-10 Hess: Living in Yesterday (Eng)
2012-11-10 Loverboy: Rock´n´Roll Revival (Eng)
2012-11-02 T&N: Slave to the Empire (Eng)
2012-11-02 Manowar: The Lord of Steel (Eng)
2012-10-21 Fogalord: A Legend to Believe In (Eng)
2012-10-21 Razorvyre: Another Dimension (Eng)
2012-10-21 Vexillum: The Bivouac (Eng)
2012-10-21 Redline: Vice (Eng)
2012-10-21 Circus Maximus: Nine (Eng)
2012-10-04 Obsession: Order of Chaos (Eng)
2012-10-04 Grave Digger: Clash of the Gods (Eng)
2012-10-04 Bonrud: Save Tomorrow (Eng)
2012-10-04 The 11th Hour: Lacrima Mortis (Eng)
2012-09-30 Dokken: Broken Bones (Eng)
2012-09-30 The Order: 1986 (Eng)
2012-09-30 Oxygen: Final Warning (Eng)
2012-09-30 Voices of Destiny: Power Dive (Eng)
2012-09-17 Grave Digger: Home at Last EP (Eng)
2012-09-15 Magnum: On the 13th Day (Eng)
2012-09-15 Tygers of Pan Tang: Ambush (Eng)
2012-09-15 Virgin Steele: Life Among the Ruins (Eng)
2012-09-15 Graveyard: Altar of Sculptured Skulls (Eng)
2012-09-15 Fatal Smile: 21st Century Freaks (Eng)
2012-09-01 Triumph: Live at Sweden Rock Festival (Eng)
2012-09-01 Eclipse: Bleed and Scream (Eng)
2012-09-01 Player: Addiction EP (Eng)
2012-08-30 Book of Reflections: Relentless Fighter (Eng)
2012-08-30 Kill Devil Hill: S/T (Eng)
2012-08-28 Lita Ford: Living Like a Runaway (Eng)
2012-08-28 Wild Frontier: 2012 (Eng)
2012-08-25 Wigelius: Reinventions (Eng)
2012-08-25 Trixter: New Audio Machine (Eng)
2012-08-24 Richard Marx: Inside My Head (Eng)
2012-08-24 Striker: Armed to the Teeth (Eng)
2012-08-24 Dusan Petrossi´s Iron Mask: Hordes of the Brave (Eng)
2012-08-24 Pretty Maids: It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland) (Eng)
2012-08-22 Black Majesty: Stargazer (Eng)
2012-08-14 The Grotesquery: The Facts and Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton - Tsathoggua Tales (Eng)
2012-08-14 Silent Opera: Immortal Beauty (Eng)
2012-08-13 Zombiefication: Reaper´s Consecration (Eng)
2012-08-13 Crazy Lixx: Riot Avenue (Eng)
2012-08-08 Blackmore´s Night: A Knight in York (Eng)
2012-08-08 Empire: Trading Souls (Eng)
2012-08-08 Asia: XXX (Eng)
2012-07-31 Wig Wam: Wall Street (Eng)
2012-07-31 Jeff Scott Soto: Damage Control (Eng)
2012-07-31 5 Star Grave: Drugstore Hell (Eng)
2012-07-31 Deride: The Void (Eng)
2012-07-31 Donnie Vie: Wrapped Around My Middle Finger (Eng)
2012-07-30 Ian Gillan/Tony Iommi: Who Cares (Swe)
2012-07-30 Helldorados: S/T (Eng)
2012-07-30 Polution: Beyond Control (Eng)
2012-07-30 Catamenia: The Rewritten Chapters (Eng)
2012-07-27 Oliver Dawson Saxon: Motorbiker (Eng)
2012-07-27 Dragony: Legends (Eng)
2012-07-27 Nick Simper & Nasty Habit: Live at Szene Vienna (Eng)
2012-07-22 Jorn: Bring Heavy Rock to the Land (Eng)
2012-06-16 Pelle K: Bag of Tricks (Eng)
2012-06-16 69 Chambers: Torque (Eng)
2012-06-16 Axel Rudi Pell: Circle of the Oath (Eng)
2012-06-13 Hardline: Danger Zone (Eng)
2012-06-13 Vengeance: Crystal Eye (Swe)
2012-06-13 Winter´s Verge: Beyond Vengeance (Eng)
2012-06-13 Davidian: Our Fear Is Their Force (Eng)
2012-06-07 Candlemass: Psalms for the Dead (Eng)
2012-06-07 Hydrogyn: Private Sessions (Eng)
2012-06-07 Status Minor: Ouroboros (Eng)
2012-06-07 End of September: S/T (Eng)
2012-06-07 Carmen Grey: Gates of Loneliness (Eng)
2012-06-06 Miseration: Tragedy Has Spoken (Eng)
2012-05-30 Empires of Eden: Channelling the Infinite (Eng)
2012-05-30 Michael Thompson Band: Future Past (Eng)
2012-05-30 Departure: Hitch a Ride (Eng)
2012-05-30 Jack Blades: Rock´n´Roll Ride (Eng)
2012-05-24 Phenomena: Awakening (Eng)
2012-05-24 Fair Warning: Best and More (Eng)
2012-05-24 Mike Paradine Group: Death in the Family (Eng)
2012-05-17 Great White: Elation (Eng)
2012-05-17 Freedom Call: Land of the Crimson Dawn (Eng)
2012-05-17 UFO: Seven Deadly (Eng)
2012-05-17 Prey for Nothing: Against All Good and Evil (Eng)
2012-05-17 Ancara: Chasing Shadows (Eng)
2012-05-16 Darkness by Oath: Near Death Experience (Eng)
2012-05-16 Blessed Curse: S/T (Eng)
2012-05-16 Andromeda: Manifest Tyranny (Eng)
2012-05-16 House of Shakira: HoS (Eng)
2012-05-11 Vendetta: World Under Fire (Eng)
2012-05-11 Beyond the Bridge: The Old Man and the Spirit (Eng)
2012-05-10 Lars Eric Mattsson: Obsession (Eng)
2012-05-10 Human Temple: Halfway to Heartache (Eng)
2012-05-09 Mr Big: Live from the Living Room (Eng)
2012-05-09 Tyketto: Dig in Deep (Eng)
2012-05-01 Running Wild: Shadowmaker (Eng)
2012-05-01 Mad Max: Another Night of Passion (Eng)
2012-04-29 Last Kingdom: Chronicles of the North (Eng)
2012-04-26 Bang Tango: Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt (Eng)
2012-04-26 Last Autumn´s Dream: Nine Lives (Eng)
2012-01-27 The Moor: The Moor EP (Swe)
2012-01-27 Get the new VOICES OF DESTINY album "Power Dive" for only Eur 5! (Swe)
2012-01-26 Iron Fire: Voyage of the Damned (Swe)
2012-01-25 Persona Non Grata: Quantum Leap (Eng)
2012-01-25 Ulverheim: När Dimman Lättar (Eng)
2012-01-23 Primal Fear: Unbreakable (Eng)
2012-01-23 Lee Small: Jamaica Inn (Eng)
2012-01-21 Consortium Project II: Continuum in Extremis (Eng)
2012-01-21 MFC Dragonslayer All Star Project: Let´s Unite in Rock (Eng)
2012-01-21 Myon: Call of the Senses (single) (Eng)
2012-01-21 Dead to This World: Sacrifice (Eng)
2012-01-21 Yes: In the Present - Live From Lyon (Eng)
2012-01-21 Hatesphere: The Great Bludgeoning (Eng)
2012-01-21 Oriz: II (Eng)
2012-01-20 Mollo/Martin: The Third Cage (Eng)
2012-01-20 Himora: Argue All You Want (Eng)
2012-01-17 John Du Cann: The Many Sides of - 1967 to 1980 (Eng)
2012-01-11 Kambrium: Shadowpath (Eng)
2012-01-11 Dying Humanity: Living on the Razor´s Edge (Eng)
2012-01-11 Descending: New Death Celebrity (Eng)
2011-12-31 Theocracy: As the World Bleeds (Eng)
2011-12-31 December Flower: When All Life Ends... (Eng)
2011-12-30 Crossfade: Secret Love (Eng)
2011-12-30 Golden Resurrection: Man with a Mission (Eng)
2011-12-30 The Devil´s Blood: The Thousandfold Epicentre (Eng)
2011-12-30 Ancient Bards: Soulless Child (Eng)
2011-12-30 Coronatus: Terra Incognita (Eng)
2011-12-30 Bastard Priest: Ghouls of the Endless Night (Swe)
2011-12-29 Mystic Prophecy: Ravenlord (Eng)
2011-12-29 Vanderbuyst: In Dutch (Eng)
2011-12-29 Nemesea: The Quiet Resistance (Eng)
2011-12-29 Lucky Thir13n: March of the Young (Eng)
2011-12-29 Lord Volture: Never Cry Wolf (Eng)
2011-12-25 What Santa should have filled your stockings with... (Swe)
2011-12-22 Strangeways: Age of Reason (Eng)
2011-12-22 Vendetta: Feed the Extermination (Eng)
2011-12-22 Nightwish: Imaginaerum (Eng)
2011-12-22 Awake: Forever More (Eng)
2011-12-22 Mythological Cold Towers: Immemorial (Eng)
2011-12-22 Rob Mancini: Rock´n´Roll Circus (Eng)
2011-12-21 Krux III: He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars (Eng)
2011-12-21 Royal Hunt: Show Me How to Live (Eng)
2011-12-21 Beggars & Thieves (Eng)
2011-12-21 Talon: III (Eng)
2011-12-20 Elm Street: Barbed Wire Metal (Eng)
2011-12-20 Hate Squad: Katharsis (Eng)
2011-12-20 My Black Light: Human Maze (Eng)
2011-12-14 Seventh Wave: Things to Come + psi-fi (Eng)
2011-12-14 Rush: Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland (Eng)
2011-11-29 Jack Starr´s Burning Starr: Land of the Dead (Eng)
2011-11-29 Cage: Supremacy of Steel (Eng)
2011-11-29 Mastercastle: Dangerous Diamonds (Eng)
2011-11-25 Diabolus Dust: Ruins of Mankind (Eng)
2011-11-25 Trillium: Alloy (Eng)
2011-11-23 Issa: The Storm (Eng)
2011-11-23 Mourning Caress: Deep Wounds, Bright Scars (Eng)
2011-11-23 Devil: Time to Repent (Eng)
2011-11-23 Cornerstone: Somewhere in America (Eng)
2011-11-23 Rough Angel: Hear the Angels Rock (Eng)
2011-11-23 Rex Mundi: IHVH (Eng)
2011-11-23 Nunfuckritual: In Bondage to the Serpent (Eng)
2011-11-20 The Magnificent: S/T (Eng)
2011-11-20 Vain: Enough Rope (Eng)
2011-11-16 Mecca: Undeniable (Eng)
2011-11-16 Sandstone: Cultural Dissonance (Eng)
2011-11-16 Consortium Project 1: Criminals & Kings (Eng)
2011-11-16 Lonely Kamel: Dust Devil (Eng)
2011-11-16 Bobby Kimball Jimi Jamison: S/T (Eng)
2011-11-16 Saltatio Mortis: Sturm aufs Paradies (Eng)
2011-11-12 Mastodon: The Hunter (Eng)
2011-11-12 Boguslaw Balceraks Crylord: Blood of the Prophets (Eng)
2011-11-12 Danny Neubecker: Here I Am (Eng)
2011-11-12 Elias Viljanen: Taking the Lead (Eng)
2011-11-08 Thulcandra: Under a Frozen Sun (Eng)
2011-11-08 Nachtblut: Antik (Eng)
2011-11-04 Bitches Sin: The Rapture (Eng)
2011-11-04 Hard Stuff: Bolex Dementia (Eng)
2011-11-04 Hard Stuff: Bulletproof (Eng)
2011-11-04 Bitches Sin: Time What Is Time Interview (Swe)
2011-11-03 Visions of Atlantis: Maria Magdalena EP (Eng)
2011-11-03 Majesty: Own the Crown (Eng)
2011-11-03 Fergie Frederiksen: Happiness Is the Road (Eng)
2011-11-03 Paganizer: Into the Catacombs (Eng)
2011-11-03 Isole: Born from Shadows (Eng)
2011-11-02 Chris Ousey: Rhyme & Reason (Eng)
2011-11-02 Megadeth: Th1rt3en (Eng)
2011-11-02 Arven: Music of Light (Eng)
2011-10-24 Unhertz: Herzschlag (Eng)
2011-10-24 Criminal: Akelarre (Eng)
2011-10-24 Kittie: I´ve Failed You (Eng)
2011-10-21 Gary John Barden: Eleventh Hour (Eng)
2011-10-21 Consortium Project 1: Criminals & Kings (Eng)
2011-10-21 Messenger: See You in Hell (Eng)
2011-10-20 Robin George´s LovePower: LovePower and Peace (Swe)
2011-10-20 Nightrage: Don´t Go Gentle into That Good Night (Swe)
2011-10-14 Keep an eye out for the new BITCHES SIN album "The Rapture" (Swe)
2011-10-14 Saracen: Marilyn (Eng)
2011-10-14 House of Lords: Big Money (Eng)
2011-10-14 Sebastian Bach: Kicking & Screaming (Eng)
2011-10-13 Zombie Inc.: A Dreadful Disease (Eng)
2011-10-13 Van Canto: Break the Silence (Eng)
2011-10-11 Shy: Shy (Eng)
2011-10-09 Nightrage: Insidious (Eng)
2011-10-05 Holy Force: S/T (Swe)
2011-10-05 Silverdollar: Morte (Eng)
2011-09-30 Brainstorm: On the Spur of the Moment (Eng)
2011-09-30 Uriah Heep: Live in Armenia (Eng)
2011-09-24 Stala & So: It Is So (Eng)
2011-09-24 Sons of Seasons: Magnisphyricon (Eng)
2011-09-19 Niels Vejlyt: Sthenic (Eng)
2011-09-18 The Wheel: S/T (Eng)
2011-09-18 Ilium: Genetic Memory (Eng)
2011-09-17 Unique Live webcast curtesy of Magna Carta Records (Swe)
2011-09-17 GRAU Music announces signing Norwegian cult doom-sters FUNERAL (Swe)
2011-09-14 Brainstorm: Meet the Four Roses Band - Interview (Eng)
2011-09-14 Work of Art: In Progress (Eng)
2011-09-14 Hunted: Welcome the Dead (Eng)
2011-09-14 Arkona: Slovo (Eng)
2011-09-12 Furor Gallico: S/T (Eng)
2011-09-12 Svartsot: Maledictus Eris (Eng)
2011-09-12 Ball of Mayhem: H - Part One of H.A.T.E (Eng)
2011-09-10 Consfearacy Interview Spreading the ...Fear (Eng)
2011-09-10 Metal Webcast history in the making! Magna Carta proudly presents... (Swe)
2011-09-10 Mourning Caress New song featuring Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquility posted online (Swe)
2011-09-08 The Android Meme - A New Lifeform in Metal (Eng)
2011-09-02 Toby Hitchcook: Mercury´s Down (Eng)
2011-09-02 Solitude Aeturnus: In Times of Solitude (Eng)
2011-09-02 Xorigin: State of the Art (Eng)
2011-09-02 Jorn: Live in Black (Eng)
2011-09-02 Skálmöld: Baldur (Eng)
2011-08-19 Swedish Hits Goes Metal: S/T (Eng)
2011-08-19 StoneLake: Marching on Timeless Tales (Eng)
2011-08-19 Icon In Me: Head Break Solution (Eng)
2011-08-19 Schattenreich: Von Gedieh und Verderb (Eng)
2011-08-19 Kampfar: Mare (Eng)
2011-08-19 Massacre comment on the Saviour Machine situation (Swe)
2011-08-17 Abrasive: The Birth ... Born in Sodom (Eng)
2011-08-11 Virtual Mind: Shattred Existence (Eng)
2011-08-11 Voodoo Highway: Broken Uncle´s Inn (Eng)
2011-08-08 Seventribe: Dream Me (Swe)
2011-08-02 Bridger: S/T (Eng)
2011-08-02 Rival Sons: Pressure and Time (Eng)
2011-08-02 Riverge: Rebirth of Skull (Eng)
2011-07-31 Draconian: A Rose for the Apokalypse (Eng)
2011-07-31 Marienbad: Werk 1: Nachtfall (Eng)
2011-07-29 Human Zoo: Eyes of the Stranger (Eng)
2011-07-29 Consfearacy: S/T (Eng)
2011-07-29 Arachnes: A New Day (Eng)
2011-07-17 James Byrd´s Atlantic Rising: Beyond the Pillars (Eng)
2011-07-17 Consortium Project V: Species (Eng)
2011-07-17 Young Blood: Transfusion (Eng)
2011-07-17 Exeloume: Fairytale of Perversion (Swe)
2011-07-16 Airrace: Back to the Start (Eng)
2011-07-16 Yes: Fly From Here (Eng)
2011-07-16 Stream of Passion: Darker Days (Eng)
2011-07-16 Nya låtar från ZOMBIE INC. och CRIMINAL finns på... (Swe)
2011-07-15 John Wetton: Raised in Captivity (Eng)
2011-07-14 Luther Grosvenor: If You Dare (Eng)
2011-07-14 The Android Meme: Ordo Ab Chao (Eng)
2011-07-14 Catalepsy: Bleed (Eng)
2011-07-10 Deviant Syndrome: Inflicted Deviations (Eng)
2011-07-10 Doom Unit: The Burden of Bloom (Eng)
2011-07-10 Doom Unit: The Burden of Bloom (Eng)
2011-07-10 Alestorm Riding the Storm (Eng)
2011-07-04 Embrace the Sun - The Lion Music Japan Benefit Project (Eng)
2011-07-04 Manic Depression: Impending Collapse (Eng)
2011-07-02 Ny video från Stonelake, "Red Canyon" (Swe)
2011-07-01 Rob Moratti: Victory (Eng)
2011-07-01 Sun Caged: The Lotus Effect (Eng)
2011-07-01 Love.Might.Kill: Brace for Impact (Eng)
2011-06-26 Def Leppard: Mirror Ball - Live & More (Eng)
2011-06-24 ReinXeed: 1912 (Eng)
2011-06-23 Alyson Avenue: Changes (Eng)
2011-06-23 Necrovorous: Funeral for the Sane (Eng)
2011-06-19 Night Ranger: Somewhere in California (Eng)
2011-06-19 Lionville: S/T (Eng)
2011-06-19 Legio Mortis: The Human Creation and the Devil´s Contribution (Eng)
2011-06-18 Whitesnake: Live at Donnington 1990 (Eng)
2011-06-18 Sanchez: Run the Streets (Eng)
2011-06-17 Jerusalem: She (Eng)
2011-06-17 Supreme Pain: Divine Incantation (Eng)
2011-06-17 Garagedays: Dark and Cold (Eng)
2011-06-16 Stormwarrior: Heathen Warrior (Eng)
2011-06-15 Stormwarrior The Warrior Conquers All Interview (Eng)
2011-06-11 Alestorm: Back Through Time (Eng)
2011-06-11 Karma To Burn: V (Eng)
2011-06-11 David Roberts: Better Late Than Never (Eng)
2011-06-11 Journey: Eclipse (Swe)
2011-06-09 IF ONLY: No Bed of Roses (Eng)
2011-06-09 Arkona: Stenka Na Stenku EP (Eng)
2011-06-09 Battle Beast: Steel (Eng)
2011-06-05 Seven Witches: Call Upon the Wicked (Eng)
2011-06-05 David Roberts: The Missing Years (Eng)
2011-06-05 David Roberts: All Dressed Up (Eng)
2011-06-04 Circle of Silence: The Blackened Halo (Eng)
2011-06-04 George & G: So Much to Say (Eng)
2011-06-04 Insidead: Chaos ElecDead (Eng)
2011-06-03 Private Angel: Nailed! (Eng)
2011-06-03 King of Hearts: 1989 (Eng)
2011-06-03 Poisonblack: Drive (Swe)
2011-06-02 Electric Boys: And Them Boys Done Swang (Eng)
2011-06-02 Leaves´ Eyes: Meredead (Eng)
2011-06-02 Midnattsol: The Metamorphosis Melody (Eng)
2011-06-02 X Opus: The Epiphany (Eng)
2011-06-02 Sacred Legacy: Undying Heart (Eng)
2011-05-31 Tyr: The Lay of Thyrm (Eng)
2011-05-31 Illdisposed: There Is Light (But It´s Not For Me) (Eng)
2011-05-31 Divinefire: Eye of the Storm (Swe)
2011-05-28 Borealis: Fall From Grace (Eng)
2011-05-27 Skansis: Leaving You (Eng)
2011-05-27 Shadowman: Watching Over You (Eng)
2011-05-27 Sacred Dawn: A Madness Within (Eng)
2011-05-25 Hard: Even Keel (Eng)
2011-05-20 ceRebral bore: Maniacal Miscreation (Eng)
2011-05-19 Warrant: Rockaholic (Swe)
2011-05-19 Black N Blue: Hell Yeah (Swe)
2011-05-17 Lars Erik Mattsson: Aurora Borealis - The Interview (Eng)
2011-05-17 Visions of Atlantis: Delta (Eng)
2011-05-13 Drakar: Let Draka/Flight of the Dragon (Swe)
2011-05-13 Uriah Heep: Into the Wild (Swe)
2011-05-13 Pylon: Armoury of God (Eng)
2011-05-13 King Kobra: S/T (Swe)
2011-05-05 Serenity: Death & Legacy (Eng)
2011-05-05 Maim: Decease to Exist (Eng)
2011-05-03 The Poodles: Performocracy (Swe)
2011-05-03 Imperia: Secret Passion (Eng)
2011-04-29 Conflicted: Never Be Tamed (Eng)
2011-04-29 Impiety: The Advent of... (Swe)
2011-04-29 Hades: Live on Location (Eng)
2011-04-27 Hades: If at First You Don´t Succeed (Eng)
2011-04-25 Lars Eric Mattsson: Aurora Borealis (Swe)
2011-04-25 The Citadel: A Passage Through Eternity (Swe)
2011-04-25 Malison Rogue: S/T (Swe)
2011-04-21 Days of Anger Serious Days Interview (Swe)
2011-04-21 Days of Anger: Death Path (Eng)
2011-04-19 POWER QUEST: Back with a Vengeance (Eng)
2011-04-16 Glen Drover: Metalusion (Eng)
2011-04-16 Cauldron: Burning Fortune (Eng)
2011-04-15 Hades: Resisting Success (Re-release + Bonus) (Eng)
2011-04-15 Grave Digger: The Ballad of Mary EP (Eng)
2011-04-13 Demonical: Death Infernal (Swe)
2011-04-09 Backdraft: This Heaven Goes to Eleven (Swe)
2011-04-06 Demonical: Swedish Death Metal Darkness Supreme (Eng)
2011-04-06 Power Quest: Blood Alliance (Eng)
2011-04-06 V/A: War Horses- Angel Air Rocks (Eng)
2011-04-02 No Gravity: Worlds in Collision (Eng)
2011-04-02 Twinspirits: Legacy (Eng)
2011-03-30 40 Watt Sun: The Inside Room (Eng)
2011-03-24 Whitesnake: Forevermore (Swe)
2011-03-23 Tangent Plane: Project Elimi (Eng)
2011-03-22 Fireforce: March On (Eng)
2011-03-22 Falkenbach: Tiurida (Eng)
2011-03-21 Tygers of Pan Tang: The Spellbound Sessions 30th Anniversary (Eng)
2011-03-21 But We Try It: Dead Lights (Eng)
2011-03-20 Marsupium Massacre: Hydrocephalus (Swe)
2011-03-18 Zero Illusions: Oblivion (Swe)
2011-03-16 Flotsam and Jetsam: The Cold (Swe)
2011-03-12 Katanga: Moonchild (Eng)
2011-03-12 Six Reasons to Kill: Architects of Perfection (Eng)
2011-03-10 Legion of the Damned: Descent Into Chaos (Eng)
2011-03-10 Sparzanza: Folie à Cinq (Swe)
2011-03-04 Massacre Records pre-listening (Swe)
2011-02-22 Artas: Riotology (Eng)
2011-02-22 Battelore: Doombound (Eng)
2011-02-20 Scheepers: S/T (Swe)
2011-02-20 Ten: Stormwarning (Swe)
2011-02-19 Auction of a Signed PRS Guitar, signed by a.o. GARY MOORE (Swe)
2011-02-19 Mournblade: Anthology - Vol 1 (Eng)
2011-02-18 Praying Mantis: Metalmorphosis (Eng)
2011-02-16 Last Autumns Dream: Yes (Swe)
2011-02-14 Before the Dawn: Decade of Darkness EP (Swe)
2011-02-12 Korpiklaani: Ukon Wacka (Swe)
2011-02-12 Desultory: Stone Death Forever (Swe)
2011-02-10 Mr Big: What If... (Swe)
2011-02-10 Sideblast: Cocoon (Eng)
2011-02-07 Puteraeon: The Esoteric Order (Eng)
2011-02-04 Deathening: Finlir och råsopar (Swe)
2011-02-04 Deathening: Open Up and Swallow (Swe)
2011-02-04 Infinity Overture: The Infinity Overture Pt 1 (Swe)
2011-02-03 New video clip from Massacre Records; INSIDEAD -CHAOS ELECDEAD (Eng)
2011-01-30 Massacre Records Pre-Listening (Eng)
2011-01-29 Seventh Wonder: The Great Escape (Swe)
2011-01-29 Conspiracy: Irremediable (Swe)
2011-01-23 John Waite: Rough & Tumble (Swe)
2011-01-22 Overdrive: Angelmaker (Swe)
2011-01-22 Hurtsmile: S/T (Swe)
2011-01-22 Putraeon The First of the Old School Order Intervju (Swe)
2011-01-21 Praying Mantis celebrate 30 years with a special EP (Eng)
2011-01-19 BURN The New Royalty of Rock (Swe)
2011-01-19 Desultory: Counting Our Scars (Eng)
2011-01-14 Dream of Illusion (Eng)
2011-01-14 Silver Lake: S/T (Eng)
2011-01-13 Burn: Rock Royale (Swe)
2011-01-13 Nachtgeschrei: Ardeo (Eng)
2011-01-10 Fejd: Eifur (Eng)
2011-01-10 Katra: Out of the Ashes (Eng)
2011-01-08 Mountain Throne: Serpent´s Heathland (Eng)
2011-01-08 Balfor: Barbaric Blood (Eng)
2011-01-06 Quintessence Mystica: The 5th Harmonic of Death (Eng)
2011-01-06 Seven Thorns: Return to the Past (Eng)
2011-01-06 Magic Kingdom: Symphony of War (Swe)
2011-01-04 Sinister: Legacy of Ashes (Eng)
2011-01-04 Darkwater: Where Stories End (Swe)
2011-01-04 Forbidden: Omega Wave (Swe)
2010-12-31 Facit till skivtomten 2010, i år blev de 11! (Swe)
2010-12-31 MIchael Harris: Tranz-Fused (Swe)
2010-12-31 Asia: Spirit of the Night - Live in Cambridge 2009 (Swe)
2010-12-31 Shadowgarden: Ashen (Eng)
2010-12-31 Hell Militia: Last Station on the Road to Death (Swe)
2010-12-28 The Poodles: No Quarter (Swe)
2010-12-28 Bastard Priest: Under the Hammer of Destruction (Swe)
2010-12-28 Psycho Choke: Unravelling Chaos (Swe)
2010-12-22 December People: Rattle & Humbug (Eng)
2010-12-22 General Chaos: Calamity Circus (Eng)
2010-12-22 Victimizer: Tales of Loss and New Found Serenity (Eng)
2010-12-22 Algaion: Exthros (Swe)
2010-12-22 Malevolent Creation: Invidious Dominion (Swe)
2010-12-16 Nelson: Prefect Storm - After the rain World Tour 1991 (Swe)
2010-12-16 Evoken/Beneath the Frozen Soil Split CD (Swe)
2010-12-16 Dimmu Borgir: Abrahadabra (Swe)
2010-12-16 Samael: Antigod EP (Swe)
2010-12-11 Seven Thorns "Return to the Past" PR and Booking (Eng)
2010-12-09 Exciter Death by Violence and Force Interview (Eng)
2010-12-09 Exciter: Death Machine (Swe)
2010-12-09 Secret Sphere: Archetype (Swe)
2010-12-09 Day Six: The Grand Design (Swe)
2010-12-09 Xerión: Cantares Das Loitas Esquecidas (Swe)
2010-12-07 Jeff Scott Soto: Live at Firefest 2008 (Swe)
2010-12-07 Prime Suspect: S/T (Swe)
2010-12-05 Notorious: Radio Silence (Eng)
2010-12-01 Seventh Void: Heaven Is Gone (Eng)
2010-11-28 Allen/Lande: The Showdown (Swe)
2010-11-28 Mistheria: Dragon Fire (Swe)
2010-11-27 Vega: Kiss of Life (Swe)
2010-11-27 Dark Order: Cold War of the Condor (Swe)
2010-11-27 Issa: Sign of Angels (Swe)
2010-11-24 Minotaur: Power of Darkness (Swe)
2010-11-23 Nelson: Lightning Strikes Twice (Swe)
2010-11-23 Nelson: Before the Rain (Swe)
2010-11-23 Blipp-blopp-blopp, metal the MACHINAE SUPREMACY way (Swe)
2010-11-20 Jaldaboath: Rise of the Heraldic Beasts (Eng)
2010-11-18 Machinae Supremacy: A View From the End of the World (Swe)
2010-11-15 Stan Bush: Dream the Dream (Swe)
2010-11-15 First Signal: S/T (Swe)
2010-11-15 Facebreaker: Infected (Eng)
2010-11-14 Bullet: The Entrance to Hell (Eng)
2010-11-14 Iron Fire Metalmorphosized (Swe)
2010-11-14 Unruly Child: Worlds Collide (Swe)
2010-11-13 News from Massacre Records/Sinister and But We Try It (Eng)
2010-11-09 Murder Therapy; New album announced & video preview posted online (Eng)
2010-11-08 MALEVOLENT CREATION: Killing Is My Business…and We´re Doing Better than Ever! (Eng)
2010-11-07 Amorphis: Magic & Mayhem - Tales from the Early Years (Swe)
2010-11-07 Death Angel: Relentless Retribution (Swe)
2010-11-07 Evocation: Apocalyptic (Swe)
2010-11-02 Thornium: Fides Luciferius (Swe)
2010-11-02 Gloria Morti: Anthems of Annihilation (Swe)
2010-11-01 Grave Digger: Kilts Galore interview (Eng)
2010-10-30 Mirror of Deception: A Smouldering Fire (Eng)
2010-10-29 Praying Mantis - Celebrate 30th Anniversary with FREE DOWNLOAD! (Eng)
2010-10-28 New video by December People (Eng)
2010-10-25 Arstidir Lifsins: Jötunaheima Dolgfer (Swe)
2010-10-25 Morbid Carnage: Night Assassins (Swe)
2010-10-23 MIndsplit: Charmed Human Art of Significance (Swe)
2010-10-22 Anthriel: The Pathway (Swe)
2010-10-21 Atrocity Featuring Yasmin: After the Storm (Eng)
2010-10-21 Empty Tremor: Iridium (Eng)
2010-10-18 Robin George: Still On the Heartline (Eng)
2010-10-17 Robin George: Dangerous Music (Eng)
2010-10-16 Revolution Renaissance (Eng)
2010-10-16 Grave Digger: The Clans Will Rise Again (Eng)
2010-10-13 Strangeways: Perfect World (Swe)
2010-10-13 Vanderbuyst: S/T (Eng)
2010-10-12 Desultory re-releases! (Eng)
2010-10-10 Tristania: Rubicon (Eng)
2010-10-10 Boysetsfire back in action (Eng)
2010-10-09 Tauthr: Life-Losing (Swe)
2010-10-09 Terry Brock: Diamond Blue (Swe)
2010-10-09 Truppensturm: Salute to the Iron Emperors (Eng)
2010-10-09 Mammutant: Atomizer (Swe)
2010-10-05 Enemy of the Sun: Caedium (Eng)
2010-10-05 Decrepit Birth: Polarity (Eng)
2010-10-03 Unlight: Sulphurblooded (Swe)
2010-10-03 Eisregen: Schlangensonne (Swe)
2010-10-02 Two Fires: Burning Bright (Swe)
2010-10-02 Doomshine: The Piper at the Gates of Doom (Swe)
2010-09-30 Stray: Valhalla (Eng)
2010-09-29 Burden of Grief: Follow the Flames (Swe)
2010-09-27 Debt of Nature: Crush, Kill and Burn (Eng)
2010-09-23 Evocation New Song available @ Myspace (Eng)
2010-09-23 Facebreaker New Song available at Myspace (Eng)
2010-09-22 K2: Black Garden (Eng)
2010-09-20 KEEL: Reserves the Right to Rock in 2010 (Eng)
2010-09-19 Ghost Machinery: Out for Blood (Swe)
2010-09-19 Terra Nova: Come Alive (Swe)
2010-09-19 Mastercastle: Last Desire (Swe)
2010-09-18 Monster Magnet - The Mastermind Is Back Intervju (Swe)
2010-09-15 Interment: Into the Crypts of Blasphemy (Swe)
2010-09-15 Neverland: Ophidia (Swe)
2010-09-12 Dreylands: Rooms of Revelation (Swe)
2010-09-09 Cyril Achard: Violencia (Swe)
2010-09-08 Mattsson: Tango (Swe)
2010-09-04 Legendary punk rockers NoRMAhl signs with 7Hard (Eng)
2010-09-04 Nox Aurea: Ascending in Triumph (Eng)
2010-09-04 Disbelief: Heal (Swe)
2010-09-04 Minuetum: Haunted Spirit (Swe)
2010-09-02 Torny Harnell and the Mercury Train: Round Up (Swe)
2010-09-01 Grönholm: Eyewitness of Life (Swe)
2010-08-31 Iron Fate: Cast in Iron (Swe)
2010-08-31 The Prophecy²³: To the Pit (Swe)
2010-08-29 Accept: Blood of the Nations (Swe)
2010-08-29 Vanden Plas: The Seraphic Clockwork (Swe)
2010-08-26 Jorn: Dio (Swe)
2010-08-26 Salem: Playing God & Other Short Stories (Swe)
2010-08-26 New albums from 7Hard (Eng)
2010-08-21 Mael Mórdha: Manannán (Eng)
2010-08-21 Juvaliant: Inhuman Nature (Swe)
2010-08-18 Withershin: The Hungering Void EP (Swe)
2010-08-14 Crystal Tears: Generation X (Eng)
2010-08-13 Burden of Grief - Future and Influence of Grief (Eng)
2010-08-13 Alex Masi: Theory of Everything (Swe)
2010-08-13 Necronomicon: The Return of the Witch (Eng)
2010-08-10 The Foreshadowing: Oionos (Swe)
2010-08-10 Edenbridge: Solitaire (Eng)
2010-08-10 Zombiekrig: Undantagstillstånd (Swe)
2010-08-10 Decrepit Birth news (Eng)
2010-08-09 Fortíd: Völuspa Part III: Fall of the Ages (Swe)
2010-08-07 Black Majesty: In Your Honour (Swe)
2010-08-07 Empires of Eden: Reborn in Fire (Eng)
2010-08-05 Constantine: Shredcore (Eng)
2010-08-03 Rogga Johansson (DEMIURG) on the songs of ‘SLAKTHUS GAMLEBY’: (Eng)
2010-07-29 David Byron Band: On the Rocks (Swe)
2010-07-29 News from Darkseed (Eng)
2010-07-29 Empires of Eden on Youtube (Eng)
2010-07-29 Brand New track from Malevolent Creation (Eng)
2010-07-26 Danzig: Deth Red Sabaoth (Swe)
2010-07-16 Nutz: Tightened Up - Live in Nottingham 1977 (Eng)
2010-07-16 Demiurg: Slakthus Gamleby (Swe)
2010-07-14 V8 Wankers: Foxtail Testimonial (Eng)
2010-07-14 New BRUTUS track online! (Eng)
2010-07-13 Debt of Nature have a new song posted online (Eng)
2010-07-06 Darkseed release a making of at... (Eng)
2010-07-03 Kissin´ Dynamite: Addicted to Metal (Swe)
2010-07-03 Master: The Human Machine (Swe)
2010-07-01 Lacrimas Profundere: The Grandiose Nowhere (Eng)
2010-07-01 Primal Fear: Live in the USA (Swe)
2010-06-28 Demonica: Demonstrous (Swe)
2010-06-28 Pangea: Retrospectacular (Swe)
2010-06-24 MAGNA CARTA /"Let's Live For Today" TEMPEST Band Official Music Video (Eng)
2010-06-24 Levi/Werstler: Avalanche of Worms (Eng)
2010-06-24 Manticora to release 7th full-lenght albim in September (Eng)
2010-06-21 Negator: Panzer Metal (Eng)
2010-06-18 V/A: New World Man - A Tribute to Rush (Swe)
2010-06-18 Vince Neil: Tattoos and Tequila (Swe)
2010-06-16 Disbelief search new guitar player! (Eng)
2010-06-15 Non Opus Dei Signs with Witching Hour Productions (Eng)
2010-06-15 Crematory to celebrate their 30th Anniversary (Eng)
2010-06-12 Robin George; Crying Diamonds/Dangerous Music Live 85´ (Eng)
2010-06-10 Sex nya låtar från kommande releaser på Massacre Records (Swe)
2010-06-10 7Hard and Psycho Choke are proud to present the "Unraveling Chaos Recordings" Video and more statements from Olof Morck, Seth Siro Anton and (Eng)
2010-06-08 Savage Grace: After the Fall from Grace/Ride into the Night (Swe)
2010-06-08 New Coronatus videoclip on Massacre Records Youtube (Eng)
2010-06-05 Sean Peck to feature on the next Empires of Eden CD (Eng)
2010-06-05 Savage Grace: Master of Disguise/The Dominatress (Swe)
2010-06-02 Master: the MASTER Speaks! (Swe)
2010-06-02 Foghat: NOT Live at the BBC (Swe)
2010-06-02 Stray: New Dawn/Alive and Giggin´ (Eng)
2010-06-01 Triumph: Greatest Hits Remixed (Swe)
2010-05-31 V/A: The Crimson Covers - A Tribute to WASP (Swe)
2010-05-31 John Waite: In Real Time (Swe)
2010-05-29 7Hard Signs Minuetum (Bob Katsionis, Timo Tolkki) (Eng)
2010-05-28 Pretty Maids: Pandemonium (Swe)
2010-05-28 Psycho Choke have signed with 7Hard (Eng)
2010-05-27 Mortemia: Misere Mortem (Eng)
2010-05-25 Karma to Burn: Appalachian Incantation (Swe)
2010-05-24 Svartsot: Mulmets Viser (Eng)
2010-05-24 Heidevolk: Uit Oude Grond (Swe)
2010-05-23 Ereb Altor: The End (Eng)
2010-05-23 Van Canto: Tribe of Force (Eng)
2010-05-20 Realmbuilder: Summon the Stone Throwers (Swe)
2010-05-20 Jex Thoth: Witness (Swe)
2010-05-20 Tesla: Alive in Europe (Swe)
2010-05-19 Crazy Lixx: New Religion (Swe)
2010-05-17 Wintershin returns! (Eng)
2010-05-11 Treat: Coup de Grace (Swe)
2010-05-11 Crystal Tears: Generation X (Swe)
2010-05-11 Winter´s Verge: Tales of Tragedy (Swe)
2010-05-10 Section A: Sacrifice (Swe)
2010-05-10 Candlemass: Ashes to Ashes (Swe)
2010-05-07 Exodus: Exhibit B: The Human Condition (Swe)
2010-05-06 Mael Mordha Stream new song (Eng)
2010-05-03 Steve Grimmett appearing on Reborn in Fire, the forthcoming Empires of Eden CD (Swe)
2010-04-30 American Dog: Mean (Swe)
2010-04-30 Extreme: Take Us Alive (Swe)
2010-04-29 Life: Cocoon (Eng)
2010-04-29 Heavy Metal Kids: Hit the Right Button Plus (Swe)
2010-04-26 Excalion: High Time (Swe)
2010-04-26 The Graviators: S/T (Swe)
2010-04-26 Derdian: New Era Part 3: The Apocalypse (Swe)
2010-04-26 Jon Oliva´s Pain: Festival (Swe)
2010-04-18 Oblivious: Goons and Masters (Swe)
2010-04-16 Sacred Reich: Independent (Swe)
2010-04-13 Mastermind: Insomnia (Swe)
2010-04-06 Rick Springfield/Jeff Silverman: From the Vaults (Swe)
2010-04-06 Hellish Crossfire: Bloodrust Scythe (Swe)
2010-04-02 Brian Howe: Circus Bar (Swe)
2010-03-29 Rick Springfield: Venus in Overdrive+Live in Springfield (Swe)
2010-03-26 Track by Track special with Foreshadowing (Eng)
2010-03-14 Impulsia: Expression (Swe)
2010-03-14 Dawn of Silence: Wicked Saint or Righteous Sinner (Swe)
2010-03-14 Charly Sahona: Naked Thoughts from a Silent Chaos (Swe)
2010-03-14 Orden Ogan: Easton Hope (Swe)
2010-03-06 Spit Like This: We Won´t Hurt You (But We Won´t Go Away) (Swe)
2010-03-05 The Grotesquery: Tales of the Coffin Born (Swe)
2010-03-03 Marshall Law: Power Game (Swe)
2010-02-26 White Lightning: Midnight Approaches/Paradise... at a Price (Swe)
2010-02-26 The Wounded Kings: The Shadow over Atlantis (Swe)
2010-02-22 Interview with Alan Tecchio of Autumn Hour (Swe)
2010-02-22 Autumn Hour: Dethroned (Swe)
2010-02-20 Vermin: Define: Devine (Swe)
2010-02-12 Sacrifice: The Ones I Condemn (Swe)
2010-02-12 Overkill: Ironbound (Swe)
2010-02-08 Rage: Strings to a Web (Swe)
2010-02-06 Keel: Streets of Rock´n´Roll (Swe)
2010-02-06 Keel: The Right to Rock - 25th Anniversary Edition (Swe)
2010-02-02 WIG WAM: Non Stop Rock´n´Roll (Swe)
2010-02-02 Bruce Kulic: BK3 (Swe)
2010-01-30 Iron Mask: Shadow of the Red Baron (Swe)
2010-01-30 Missing Tide: Follow the Dreamer (Swe)
2010-01-30 Prey: Nights of the Revolution (Swe)
2010-01-30 The Dreamside: Lunar Nature (Swe)
2010-01-30 Acacia Avenue: S/T (Swe)
2010-01-30 The Murder of My Sweet: Divanity (Swe)
2010-01-30 Borislav Mitic: The Absolute (Swe)
2010-01-24 The Kandidate: Until We Are Outnumbered (Swe)
2010-01-24 Troll: Neo-Satanic Supremacy (Eng)
2010-01-15 Fragments of Unbecoming: The Everhaunting Past: Chapter IV - A Splendid Retrospection (Swe)
2010-01-15 Killing Mood: Just Another Love Song (Swe)
2010-01-15 Giant: Promise Land (Swe)
2010-01-06 Burning Black: MechanicHell (Swe)
2010-01-06 On the Rise: Dream Zone (Swe)
2009-12-31 Evoken: Shades of Night Descending (Swe)
2009-12-31 Kneipenterroristen/V8 Wixxxer: Gegenzätse Ziehen Sich An (Swe)
2009-12-27 Los Angeles: Neverland (Swe)
2009-12-27 Blackwood Creek; S/T (Swe)
2009-12-24 Facit till Tomten: Dessa skivor ska du ha 2009 (Swe)
2009-12-23 Spin Gallery: Embrace (Swe)
2009-12-23 SOiL: Picture Perfect (Swe)
2009-12-23 Sandstone: Purging the Past (Swe)
2009-12-20 Mob Rules: Radical Peace (Swe)
2009-12-18 Tommy Ermolli: Step Ahead (Swe)
2009-12-18 Paradox: Riot Squad (Swe)
2009-12-11 Cinderella: Live at the Mohegan Sun (Swe)
2009-12-11 Infinity Overture: Kingdom of Utopia (Swe)
2009-12-11 Crystallion: Hundred Days (Swe)
2009-12-07 Simone Fiorletta: When Reality Is Nothing (Swe)
2009-12-04 JSS: Live in Madrid (Swe)
2009-12-04 Brainstorm: Memorial Roots (Swe)
2009-12-04 Nightmare: Insurrection (Swe)
2009-11-28 Blanc Faces: Falling from the Moon (Swe)
2009-11-27 Savage Circus: Of Doom and Death (Swe)
2009-11-27 At Vance: Ride the Sky (Swe)
2009-11-27 Dark Illusion: Where the Eagles Fly (Swe)
2009-11-27 V/A: ReUnation A Tribute to Running Wild Pt 2 (Swe)
2009-11-21 Vendetta: Heretic Nation (Swe)
2009-11-20 Persistence: In Blood and Heart (Eng)
2009-11-20 W.E.T: S/T (Swe)
2009-11-20 Nostradameus: Illusion´s Parade (Swe)
2009-11-20 Siena Root: Different Realities (Swe)
2009-11-18 V/A: Prog Around the World (Swe)
2009-11-13 Destruction: Curse of the Antichrist-Live in Agony (Swe)
2009-11-13 Steve Morse: Prime Cuts 2 (Swe)
2009-11-13 DangerDanger: Revolve (Swe)
2009-11-13 Bunkur: Nullify (Eng)
2009-11-13 Monumentum: In Absentia Christi (Swe)
2009-11-12 David Byron Band: Lost and Found 2CD (Swe)
2009-11-09 Damage Control: Raw (Swe)
2009-11-06 Winger: Karma (Swe)
2009-10-31 Jaded Heart: Perfect Insanity (Swe)
2009-10-31 Mastedon: 3 (Swe)
2009-10-30 Mr Big: Back to Budokan (Swe)
2009-10-30 Twinspirits: The Forbidden City (Swe)
2009-10-29 Sanctification: Black Reign (Swe)
2009-10-29 Sanctification Interview (Eng)
2009-10-29 Whiplash: Unborn Again (Swe)
2009-10-29 WHIPLASH Five Short Questions (Eng)
2009-10-24 Arch Enemy: The Root of All Evil (Swe)
2009-10-24 The Psychics: S/T (Swe)
2009-10-24 Murder Therapy: Symmetry of Delirium (Swe)
2009-10-24 Gotthard: Need to Believe (Swe)
2009-10-18 Root: Zjevení (Swe)
2009-10-18 Jorn: Dukebox (Swe)
2009-10-17 Dreamland-intervju (Swe)
2009-10-17 Dreamland: Exit 49 (Swe)
2009-10-16 The Devil´s Blood: The Time of No Time Evermore (Swe)
2009-10-15 The Order: Rockwolf (Swe)
2009-10-15 Count Raven: Mammon´s War (Swe)
2009-10-13 Root: The Temple in the Underworld (Swe)
2009-10-10 Devious:Vision (Eng)
2009-10-10 Devious - the Future of Death Metal (Swe)
2009-10-10 Ponamero Sundown: Stonerized (Swe)
2009-10-10 Gösta Berlings Saga: Detta har Hänt (Swe)
2009-10-04 Red Circuit: Homeland (Swe)
2009-10-04 Silent Memorial: Cosmic Handball (Swe)
2009-09-27 Memory Driven: Relative Obscurity (Swe)
2009-09-20 Milan Polak: Murphy´s Law (Swe)
2009-09-15 Outloud: S/T (Swe)
2009-09-15 Cain´s Offering: Gather the Faithful (Swe)
2009-09-13 Griftegård: Solemn-Sacred-Severe (Swe)
2009-09-13 Lynch Mob: Smoke and Mirrors (Swe)
2009-09-04 THE FEW AGAINST MANY intervju (Swe)
2009-09-03 The Few Against Many: Sot (Eng)
2009-09-02 Al Atkins: Demon Deceiver ...Plus (Swe)
2009-09-02 Bone Gnawer interview with Kam Lee (Swe)
2009-09-02 Bone Gnawer: Feast of Flesh (Swe)
2009-08-27 UDO: Infected (5) (Swe)
2009-08-27 UDO: Dominator (Swe)
2009-08-27 Axxis: Utopia (Swe)
2009-08-27 Chris Caffery: House of Insanity (Swe)
2009-08-27 Mind Key: Pulse for a Graveheart (Swe)
2009-08-19 Constancia: Lost and Gone (Eng)
2009-08-19 Crash the System: The Crowning (Eng)
2009-08-15 Ribspreader: Opus Ribcage (Swe)
2009-08-15 Alkonost: Put`Neprojdennyj (Swe)
2009-08-14 Slough Feg: Ape Uprising (Eng)
2009-08-12 Hellwitch: Syzygial Miscreancy (Swe)
2009-08-12 Dead Eye Sleeper: Through the Forests of Nonentities (Swe)
2009-08-12 Paganizer: Scandinavian Warmachine (Swe)
2009-08-11 HEARSE Interview (Eng)
2009-08-11 Hearse: Single Ticket to Paradise (Eng)
2009-08-11 Archaic: Time Has Come to Envy the Dead (Swe)
2009-08-10 Tygers of Pan Tang: Animal Instinct x 2 (Eng)
2009-08-10 Tygers of Pan Tang interview (Swe)
2009-08-07 Howard Leese: Secret Weapon (Swe)
2009-08-07 Oresund Space Collective: Good Planets Are Hard to Find (Swe)
2009-08-07 Abramis Brama: Smakar Söndag (Swe)
2009-08-06 Nocturnal: Violent Revenge (Swe)
2009-08-06 The Lou Gramm Band: S/T (Swe)
2009-08-06 Xanima: Inside Warrior (Swe)
2009-08-03 Sävsjöfestivalen 2009 (Swe)
2009-07-23 Funebrarum: The Sleep of Morbid Dreams (Swe)
2009-07-21 Demonical: Hellsworn (Swe)
2009-07-19 DEMONICAL - Death Metal Darkness (Swe)
2009-07-11 Crescent Shield: The Stars of Never Seen (Swe)
2009-07-11 The Crystal Caravan: S/T (Swe)
2009-07-10 Ram: Lightbringer (Swe)
2009-07-10 Ohmphrey: S/T (Eng)
2009-07-10 Ian Gillan Band: Anthology CD+DVD (Eng)
2009-07-09 Pathosray: Sunless Skies (Swe)
2009-07-09 Joe Stump: Virtuostic Vendetta (Swe)
2009-07-08 Memory Garden: Tides (Eng)
2009-07-07 Lars Eric Mattsson Interview (Swe)
2009-07-07 Lars Eric Mattsson: No Surrender + Live (Swe)
2009-07-05 Debauchery: Rockers and War (Swe)
2009-06-29 Rob Rock: The Voice of Melodic Metal- Live in Atlanta (Swe)
2009-06-29 Prong: Power of the Damn MiXXer (Swe)
2009-06-29 Officium Triste: Charcoal Hearts - 15 Years of Hurt (Swe)
2009-06-27 Acheron: Final Conflict - The Last Days of God (Swe)
2009-06-27 Silent Memorial: Retrospective (Swe)
2009-06-27 Master castle: The Phoenix (Swe)
2009-06-21 Pestilence: Resurrection Macabre (Swe)
2009-06-21 Torment: Tormentizer (Swe)
2009-06-13 Praying Mantis Interview (Eng)
2009-06-13 Praying Mantis: Sanctuary (Eng)
2009-06-13 UFO: The Visitor (Swe)
2009-06-13 Candlemass: Death Magic Doom (Swe)
2009-06-05 Chaos Asylum: S/T (Eng)
2009-05-30 Jorn Lande (Swe)
2009-05-29 Tony Hernando: Actual Events (Swe)
2009-05-29 Strings 24: S/T (Swe)
2009-05-20 Nightrage: Wearing a Martyr´s Crown (Swe)
2009-05-18 Primal Fear: 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You´re Dead) (Swe)
2009-05-07 Saint Deamon: Pandeamonium (Swe)
2009-05-07 Michale Graves:Illusions Live-Viretta Park (Swe)
2009-05-07 Ethan Brosh: Out of Oblivion (Swe)
2009-05-04 Shakra: Everest (Swe)
2009-04-26 Ecliptica: Impetus (Swe)
2009-04-26 Jimi Jaison: Crossroads Moment (Swe)
2009-04-26 Deceiver: Thrashing Heavy Metal (Swe)
2009-04-26 Alex Beyrodt´s VooDoo Circle: S/T (Swe)
2009-04-26 The Trophy: The Gift of Life (Swe)
2009-04-24 Minotaur: God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not (Swe)
2009-04-24 Avian: Ashes and Madness (Swe)
2009-04-23 Roxxcalibur: NWOBHM for Muthas (Eng)
2009-04-23 Great White: Rising (Swe)
2009-04-18 Crimson Cult: S/T (Swe)
2009-04-17 Semlah: S/T (Swe)
2009-04-17 Master: Collection of Souls (Swe)
2009-04-17 Forsaken: After the Fall (Swe)
2009-04-17 Pendragon: Pure (Swe)
2009-04-17 Flashback of Anger: Splinters of Life (Swe)
2009-04-12 Redemption: Frozen in the Moment - Live in Atlanta (Swe)
2009-04-08 David Martone (Eng)
2009-04-07 Billy Sheehan: Holy Cow (Swe)
2009-04-05 Semlah: May the Semlah Be with You! (Eng)
2009-04-03 Hardline: Leaving the End Open (Swe)
2009-04-02 Atomic Rooster: Anthology 1969-81 (Swe)
2009-04-01 V/A: Guitars that Ate My Brain (Eng)
2009-03-27 Isole: Silent Ruins (Eng)
2009-03-27 Obscura: Cosmogenesis (Swe)
2009-03-26 Sunstorm House of Dreams (Swe)
2009-03-22 The Kris Norris Projekt: Icons of the Illogical (Eng)
2009-03-22 Dead Head "Depression Tank" review (Eng)
2009-03-22 M.O.B. The Greatest Enemy - Live in Stockholm 2008 (Eng)
2009-03-08 Manimal The Darkest Room (Swe)
2009-03-08 Sacred Reich The American Way recension (Swe)