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Redaktionen, fotografer och skribenter | FESTIVALPHOTO

Peter Kalander


I kameraväskan hittar man:

Sony PD-170 SD Camcorder
Sony FX-7 HDV Camcorder
Canon EF 70-200 2,8L
Canon EF 24-70 2,8L
Canon 580 EX SpeedLite

Working out of Gothenburg Sweden, and trying to cover most of the metalgigs. When I´m not busting my ass of in the photopit I teach photography and film at a highschool a few miles north of Gothenburg.

Consertphotography is my mainarea, but I also do a broad variety of other stuff. Please visit my homepage for a complete portfolio.

Bilder tagna av Peter Kalander:

2011-11-26 Watain (Trädgår'n - Göteborg)
2010-06-20 Pier Pressure
2010-06-18 - 2010-06-19 Metaltown
2010-03-03 Hypocrisy (Brewhouse - Göteborg)
2010-03-03 Scar Symmetry (Brewhouse - Göteborg)
2010-02-28 M.A.N (Brewhouse - Göteborg)
2010-02-28 Fear Factory (Brewhouse - Göteborg)
2010-01-30 U.D.O. (Trädgårn - Göteborg)
2009-12-12 In Flames (Scandinavium - Göteborg)
2009-11-28 Paradise Lost (BrewHouse - Göteborg)
2009-11-28 Engel (BrewHouse - Göteborg)