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Music and viking festival by the gravemounds at Borre in Norway, 4 Days around the third week of august.
The Music ranges from neofolk, darkfolk, ambient Music to black metal.
A Place where you can experience acts like Wardruna and Heilung, and also acts like Emperor and Amon Amarth who are going to be on the 2024 lineup.

The festival starts with a blot ritual, free from religion or other constraints, where it is meant to be a personal experience, wether it is for cleansing yourself off of bad energy, or do whatever is meaningful to you.

When you enter the festival area you are welcomed with a sign that says "Welcome Home". The audience attends from all over the World, it is so much more than just an ordinary Music festival, this is an experience, of bonding with others, with the past, with nature.

Bevakade festivaler:

    Midgardsblot 2023

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Midgardsblot | FESTIVALPHOTO