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Mokoma is a band of Finnish-speaking metal from Lappeenranta. The band heads to their own Sakara Records, and has achieved, among other things, the first place of the Finnish album list with their albums Kuoleman Laulukunnaat (2006) and Luihin ja ytimiin (2007) and DVD on a gold DVD (2004).


Bevakade spelningar:

   2018-06-08 Mokoma (Rockfest 2018)

   2017-02-25 Mokoma (Ritz - Vasa)

   2015-06-28 Mokoma (Tuska Open Air 2015)

   2015-06-05 Mokoma (Kivenlahti Rock 2015)

   2013-08-09 Mokoma (Jurassic Rock 2013)

   2012-06-30 Mokoma (Tuska Open Air 2012)

   2010-08-15 Mokoma (Ankkarock 2010)

   2010-07-11 Mokoma (Ruisrock 2010)

   2010-04-23 Mokoma (Klubi - Åbo)

   2008-08-09 Mokoma (Jurassic Rock 2008)

   2008-06-07 Mokoma (Sauna Open Air 2008)

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