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  Fusion Stuff

After missing the release of his first album titled The Battle in 2013, Fussion Stuff finally released the album in early 2018. The band fronted by Krishna Siregar (keyboard), Kadek Rihardika (guitar), Franky Sadikin (bass), Damez Nababan (alto sax), and Jeanne Phialsa or Alsa (drums) released a second album titled Playground.

The song titled Playground is predicted to be a weapon on this album. The Playground song was created by Krishna, the band's pioneer. Not just a song, Playground keeps a story of emotion from Krishna. This song was created for the youngest child. The meaning of the word Playground is not just a playground.

What distinguishes the previous album is the involvement of five personnel in writing songs. Bali Dancing Boy was written by Kadek Rihardika; To The Love, Take It Easy, Playground was written by Krishna Siregar; Somewhere was written by Jeane Phialsa; Easy To Forget was written by Damez Nababan; My Imagination Through Yours was written by Franky Sadikin.

Fusion Stuff

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   2018-08-25 Fusion Stuff (Jazz Traffic Festival 2018)

   2016-08-28 Fusion Stuff (Jazz Traffic Festival 2016)

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