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  Time To Rock Festival

A small festival in a small village with a big headliner

Bevakade festivaler:

    Time To Rock Festival 2022

    Time To Rock Festival 2023

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Time to Rock news Time to Rock news Skriven 2023-11-23 05:48:24
We are slowly but surely approaching a full line-up and today we can present three more acts that are ready for Time To Rock Festival 5-8 July 2024.

For 40 years, DORO has worked to cement herself as Germany''s, and probably the world''s, hard rock queen #1. Doro started her musical career at home in Germany in smaller bands like Snakebite and Beast before she started singing in Warlock. Warlock released four records in the 80s, from "Burning the Witches" (1984) to "Triumph and Agony" (1989). This summer she will join us at Time To Rock and we think that is great. A real stage show is also promised!

We can also proudly present the JEAN BEAUVOIR rock world''s perhaps most famous mohawk. The career began in the punk band PLASMATICS and, in addition to his solo career under his own name, he has also had bands such as VOODOO X and CROWN OF THORNS on his conscience. He has also worked as a songwriter, musician and producer for artists such as KISS, LITTLE STEVEN, RAMONES and many, many more. So there is a seasoned gentleman coming to Time To Rock this summer and he is known as a real entertainer on stage and it will scream 80''s about this gig which we are looking forward to.

"A little symphonic power metal from Austria can''t hurt" we thought and booked VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. The band was formed in 2000 and since the debut "Eternal Endless Infinity" (2002) has released a total of eight studio albums, the latest of which is called "Pirates" (2022). The band is fronted by the fantastic singer and stage personality Clémentine Delauney. She alone is worth the entire ticket price!

Time to Rock news Time to Rock news Skriven 2023-11-04 03:58:13
If you grew up and were a "hard rocker" in the 80s, you obviously know Danish PRETTY MAIDS. In 1984, the band released their first full-length, "Red, Hot & Heavy" and who doesn''t remember the title song and the opening "Back to Back" and others. A pure masterpiece! The debut was followed up by "Future World" in 1987, which sold over 300,000 copies. After the third full-length "Jump the Gun" (1990) the band split up, leaving only guitarist Ken Hammer and vocalist Ron Atkins at the helm. With a new drummer and bassist, the formidable record "Sin-Decade" was released in 1992, which featured the hit "Please Don''t Leave", a cover of a Sykes/Lynott song. The band has continued to release great albums and the latest "Undress Your Madness" (2019) is no exception.
Late in 2019, lead singer Ron Atkins was diagnosed with cancer and the planned shows in early 2020 were cancelled. But by the summer of 2024, Pretty Maids are back, and doing selected gigs. The only one in southern Sweden will be at Time To Rock and we are very proud of that. One of the very best hard rock bands in Scandinavia ever are back!

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Time to Rock news Time to Rock news Skriven 2023-11-01 07:37:10
We can proudly present another 8 artists who are ready for this summers Time To Rock Festival in southern Sweden.

Finnish metal icons Amorphis make their Time To Rock debut and we guarantee a very spectacular show. Amaranthe is one of the most wanted bands, of course we will fix them for you! Hanoi Rock''s iconic singer Michael Monroe comes and delivers sleaze rock in parts and minutes. Classic Geordie from Newcastle, the band where Brian Johnson, now in AC/DC, started his career is coming and doing a very exclusive gig with us this summer. From Louisiana comes the new rising star in blues rock with the Swedish-sounding name Eric Johanson. Canadian The Anti-Queens appear and deliver bitchy punk rock with melodies that catch on instantly. We are also proud to be able to present Sweden''s next big thrash band Eradikated, who are also from Skåne! We finish with the Stockholm band GABBA, who appear to deliver Abba songs in a Ramones way.

Time to Rock news Time to Rock news Skriven 2023-10-15 09:31:25
Legendary Uriah Heep confirmed to play Time To Rock Festival in Sweden July 5-8

First up on this release is the legendary URIAH HEEP. The band that was one of the first "Big four" when talking about the first wave of British hard rock. The other three were Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. With songs like "Lady in Black", "Stealin''", "July Morning" etc., the sing-along will be heard while the sun sets over Östra Göinge municipality. It will be magical.

Also coming to Knislinge are Finnish THE 69 EYES with their fantastic hybrid between goth and sleaze! Show is promised!

We continue with former Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg, who under the band name VANDENBERG will deliver high-octane hard rock of the highest class.

From the USA, founder Kurdt Vanderhoof brings his band METAL CHURCH with him and brings you American metal at its very best.

It will be blues from California through the awesome guitarist (and singer) ALASTAIR GREENE. If you like blues rock, this is really something for you.

If you like 70s glam and bands like T-Rex, Mott the Hoople and Slade, you should check out Swedish VELVET INSANE who have gone from strength to strength.

We end this round with a Swedish band who released their debut album back in 1989. STEELWINGS then fell victim to the grunge death and were put in the mothball but after 5 years they are back and it is undoubtedly very potent Swedish heavy metal from this Markaryd band with the cruel lead singer Tommy Söderberg. What a fucking pipe this man has. Listen!
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