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Again innovation comes from up north. Again from Sweden. And again our neighbours surprise with not only intelligent but modern rock music.

“Blowsight is like a big pot of everyone’s favourite music, if it's Metallica, Queen, My Chemical Romance or Testament it doesn't matter, everything fits.” says Nick Red, singer and guitarist for the four-piece from Stockholm, Sweden. No quote could describe their music more adequately. Blowsight bring genres together whose fans would openly fight each other in the streets and they tagged this combination Popmetalpunk. Which fits like a glove, true to their motto: We play what we want.

The more styles Blowsight are mixing together, the straighter they are marching towards their goal: to show a worldwide audience that heavy music can be just as catchy as Lady Gaga. Consequently Blowsight honour the currently hottest Lady in Pop with a cover version. Listening to the Blowsight ver-sion of Poker Face you really have to ask yourself why Lady Gaga herself didn’t enrich her song with power chords….

Blowsight is music of the next generation: profound, multi-faceted and with a hint of glamour. After 7 years of band history for those four Swedes this is just the beginning. A huge tour with Sonic Syndicate is starting in fall, the new album is ready to roll and all streetteams of their solid fanbase are mobilised. Ready, Set, GO!


Bevakade spelningar:

   2012-04-08 Blowsight (Debaser Slussen - Stockholm)

   2011-08-06 Blowsight (Wacken Open Air 2011)

   2011-07-07 Blowsight (Getaway Rock 2011)

   2008-04-17 Blowsight (Trädgårn - Göteborg)

   2007-08-15 Blowsight (Göteborgs Kulturkalas 2007)

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