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Behold the new masters of darkness! SEPTICFLESH kindly invite you to join "The Great Mass". The Greeks' seventh full length is a new symphonic masterpiece that constitutes a quantum leap in the art of amalgamating orchestral music with Heavy Metal. These songs are audible evidence of guitarist Christos Antoniou finishing his studies of classical composition with academic honours and distinction. "The Great Mass" sounds nothing like the nowadays all too common application of ordinary soundtrack themes to hard music.

SEPTICFLESH are about to achieve immortality with their highly original and very cinematic dark musical matter at the edge of Black, Death and Gothic Metal. Join their cult in the rite of "The Great Mass"!


Bevakade spelningar:

   2019-04-09 Septicflesh (Vakaris - Vilnius)

   2018-08-11 Septicflesh (Bloodstock 2018)

   2018-08-03 Septicflesh (Metalshow 2018)

   2018-06-24 Septicflesh (Hellfest Open Air 2018)

   2018-02-01 Septicflesh (70000tons Of Metal 2018)

   2016-07-28 Septicflesh (Metaldays 2016)

   2015-04-02 Septicflesh (Inferno Metal Festival 2015)

   2011-08-11 Septicflesh (Brutal Assault 2011)

   2009-07-03 Septicflesh (Hard Rock Laager 2009)

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