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MEGADETH, who released milestone albums such as „Peace Sells… But Who´s Buying?“, „Rust In Peace“ or „Countdown To Extinction“ have eternalized themselves in metal history and are rightly on top of the heavy metal movement, also known as the „Big 4“. In almost 30 years of their career they´ve achieved what others can only dream of, sold millions of records and among metal fans all over the world, MEGADETH are considered to be favorites no matter what. A MEGADETH record belongs to every metal household around the globe, without doubt.

Currently the band released their new work called „Th1rt3en“. Their last effort „Endgame“ had already proven to be a step into the right direction and „Th1rt3en“ should leave all critics speechless, once again. They sound as aggressive, raw and rampant as ever, Mustaine´s distinctive guitar play appears to be hugely currish and the riffing feels sharp as a butchers knife. Dave Mustaine´s vocals sound very much sinister and the rhythm section offers those furious riffs a pounding and grooving counterpart, that puts tracks such as „Whose life (is it anyways?)“, „Fast lane“ or „13“ to a very high level of quality. „Th1rt3en“ is a roaring and crushing statement of MEGADETH!


Bevakade spelningar:

   2020-01-22 Megadeth (Hovet - Stockholm)

   2017-08-14 Megadeth (Chicago Open Air 2017)

   2017-08-04 Megadeth (Wacken Open Air 2017)

   2016-06-24 Megadeth (Copenhell 2016)

   2016-06-09 Megadeth (Sweden Rock Festival 2016)

   2012-06-29 Megadeth (Tuska Open Air 2012)

   2012-06-27 Megadeth (Ukio Banko Teatro Arena - Vilnius)

   2012-06-17 Megadeth (Ost Fest 2012)

   2011-07-09 Megadeth (Sonisphere (France) 2011)

   2010-07-08 Megadeth (Getaway Rock 2010)

   2010-07-07 Megadeth (Norway Rock Festival 2010)

   2010-07-04 Megadeth (Tuska Open Air 2010)

   2010-05-30 Megadeth (Rock In Rio (Lisboa) 2010)

   2009-03-04 Megadeth (Malmö Arena - Malmö)

   2008-02-06 Megadeth (Arenan - Stockholm)

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