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The mysterious philosopher, who is the mainman behind the Swiss dark-forge TRIPTYKON, is none less than Tom Gabriel Warrior – better known as mastermind of the legendary bands Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. Caught by evil old-school-attitude, the twilight-circle of TRIPTYKON invokes the demons and inspires the listeners’ phantasies with atmospheric black-metal-journeys. The sinister and occult songs deliver the ultimate soundtrack for the scary science-fiction-works of well-known painter and Oscar award winner HR Giger. TRIPTYKON pierces your blackened metal-hearts with obscure mysticism and abysmal drama. Be sure, this is the most bitter taste of black metal you ever enjoyed…


Bevakade spelningar:

   2017-07-01 Triptykon (Tuska Open Air 2017)

   2016-08-06 Triptykon (Wacken Open Air 2016)

   2015-08-08 Triptykon (Vagos Open Air 2015)

   2014-12-21 Triptykon (Klub Fabryka - Krakow)

   2014-08-08 Triptykon (Bloodstock 2014)

   2014-06-12 Triptykon (Copenhell 2014)

   2011-08-13 Triptykon (Brutal Assault 2011)

   2011-03-05 Triptykon (House Of Metal 2011)

   2010-07-10 Triptykon (Getaway Rock 2010)

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