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  Wacken Open Air

Wacken Open Air är Europas största metalfestival. I den lilla byn Wacken (mellan Kiel och Hamburg) kan du, i början av augusti, uppleva tre dagar av hårdrock och fest!
Band som Iron Maiden, Mötley Crüe och Heaven and Hell på meritlistan gör Wacken till en festival som leverar högklassiga band år efter år!

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Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Skriven 2019-04-29 11:01:15
There will be a number of special shows at W:O:A 2019 -

The Thrash Metal giants Slayer will do their final show in Germany at the Wacken Open Air.
Sabaton will celebrate their 20 years together and they will perform a special show - exclusively at the W:O:A.
Demons & Wizards will play in Germany only at W:O:A this year. They will present music from their two albums and new songs.
Body count feat. Ice-T will play at two concerts in Germany and the only open air show will be in Wacken.
D-A-D will make a special and exclusive show at W:O:A 2019.
Rage will celebrate their "XIII" album's anniversary and they will play with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra.This show will be performed only once in Germany - at Wacken Open Air 2019.
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Skriven 2019-04-29 09:07:19
You can download the official W:O:A APP for iPhone or Android here:

Some of its features are:
News about the festival.
A list of the W:O:A bands.
The time table for W:O:A 2019.
You can mark bands as favorites and you can create a personal running order with reminder before the concert starts.
The app will recommends you new bands, using your favorites and your likes on Facebook.
The app has a festival ground map combined with a GPS feature.
The app has a list of the food stalls at W:O:A.
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Skriven 2019-04-29 08:49:52
Lockers at W:O:A

For your safety you can rent a locker for your valuables, where you can also charge your photo camera batteries and phones with the built-in sockets.
BigBoxBerlin offers lockers in two sizes with 15 or 90 Watt maximum socket power, which are supervised 24 hours a day during the festival.
They are placed at two locations on the festival ground - at the main entrances to the stage area.
You can rent them here:

It is comfortable to know that your valuables are at safe place when you enjoy the concerts.
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Skriven 2019-04-29 08:34:45
Campground in W:O:A.
This year all the tickets are sold out but some of the official festival travel partners can still have a stock of tickets.
Beware of some suspicious websites that are selling W:O:A festival tickets. They can be fake.
After the arrival at the site your ticket will be exchanged for a festival wristband which will be checked instead of ticket.
The 3-Days-All-In-Ticket grants you 4 days of music program, a free camping with your tent next to your car, to use for free all the showers, free drinking water and WC.

There are a few important rules at the camping ground:
Only people with valid tickets will be allowed to enter the area.
Glass is prohibited in the all W:O:A area.
The tents and pavilions size have to be appropriate - 2 people in a tent for 2 people, etc.
You can camp next to you vehicle. Vehicles over 7.5 tons must be registered beforehand by e-mail.
Power generators are allowed but they have to be in a faultless state.
You can bring unlimited amount of food and drinks to the campsite.
Barbecue and cooking are allowed with coal, electricity and gas.
All equipment such as generators, refrigerators, gas bottles, grills and the like must be in a technically perfect condition.
Open fires are forbidden.
Weapons are prohibited throughout the entire area.
Large bags and backpacks are prohibited within the stage area.

For detailed rules you can read the festival ABC, the General Terms and Conditions and the Park & Camping Regulations.

If you don't want to bring a tent, you can tent here:
or here:

In the Camper-Park Wacken you can rent solid cabins and rentable caravans. The Camper-Park is suitable for families.
It is connected with electricity. There is also a Moshtel - container hotel close to the stage area.
You can rent even a personal toilets for private usage.

Full Metal Army Camp - This camp is for the members of the official W:O:A fan club - a large shared camp with party tent, power outlets and many other amenities.
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Skriven 2019-04-29 08:11:29
Traveling to W.O.A.
For those who are traveling by a motor vehicles, you can reach the festival via the highways 7 and 23 and you have to turn off the navigation devices as soon as you see the first festival signs.
It is not possible to choose a camping site yourself, so ask the staff.
There are special regulations for tractors: They can be used on Monday before the festival to pull trailers on the ground, but they have to leave at noon.
They can be used again on Sunday noon after the event.
Vehicles over 7.5 tons must be registered via e-mail:
You can read the full info here:

For those who are not traveling by car there are very comfortable festival travel partners's buses from Berlin and from Hamburg.
They will take you to the entrance of the festival camping area.
You can find them here:
For buses from other cities you can check here:
There is also shuttle bus from the train station in Itzehoe to the entrance of W.O.A., which is active 24 hours and it is bookable with a flatrate.

The tickets for the Metal Train to W.O.A. this year unfortunately are completely sold out.

There are official travel partners from other countries too - from Europe, from the United Kingdom, from South and Latin America and Asia.
You can find them here: