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  Wacken Open Air

Wacken Open Air är Europas största metalfestival. I den lilla byn Wacken (mellan Kiel och Hamburg) kan du, i början av augusti, uppleva tre dagar av hårdrock och fest!
Band som Iron Maiden, Mötley Crüe och Heaven and Hell på meritlistan gör Wacken till en festival som leverar högklassiga band år efter år!

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Wacken news Wacken news Skriven 2019-03-11 12:38:21
Wacken Open Air confirms 26 new bands

The Wacken Open Air has added 26 bands to the billing of its 30th anniversary edition, which will take place from the 1st until 3rd of August. The event, which has been awarded as "Best Major Festival" at the renowned European Festival Awards for its previous edition, will among others welcome Uriah Heep for the first time. With massive hits such as "Lady in Black" und "Easy Livin'", the British hard rock legends are counted among the pioneers of heavy metal. Another premiere at the worldwide biggest metal festival will be the appearance of US space rockers Monster Magnet with their charismatic fronter Dave Wyndorf. It is about to become a cherished tradition in Wacken to pay tribute to the punk roots of modern metal, which will be continued this year by the inclusion of English punk rock veterans The Damned. Yet, the Wacken Open Air is not just a place for chart topping acts, but also embraces the underground scene. In that vein, Tom Warrior’s Triumph Of Death will perform the classic and highly influential material of Hellhammer, which can also be seen as a tribute in honour of the saldly late friend and collaborator Martin Eric Ain. Also underlining the international character of the festival is for example the booking of China's black metal mystery Zuriaake. "The Middle Kingdom" already won last year's Wacken Metal Battle with its contribution to the competition: Die From Sorrow. Complete lists of all newly as well as previously confirmed bands can be viewed below.

The promoters of the Wacken Open comment: 'We are stoked to have achieved a blast of a billing', says Thomas Jensen. 'As promised, we are delivering something for everybody's taste in hard music. Established acts mingle with young and exciting newcomers, which gives the latter a great chance to conquer the hearts of the fans. On top of this, our running order is still not yet complete, so stay tuned!"

An alphabetical list of all 26 new bands:

Aborym, Angelus Apatrida, Asrock, Baby Face Nelson, Crazy Lixx, Crobot, Deathstars, Dirty Shirt, Eclipse, Hellhammer (performed by Tom Warrior’s Triumph Of Death), Lucifer Star Machine, Monster Magnet, Nachtblut, Nordjevel, Prong, Savage Messiah, Skew Siskin, The Damned, The Lazys, The New Roses, The Quireboys, The Wild!, Uriah Heep, Warkings, Wiegedood, Zuriaake.

Among the already announced highlights of the 2019 billing will be the final German festival show of legendary US-thrashers Slayer as well as performances by Demons & Wizards, Sabaton, Parkway Drive, Powerwolf, and Within Temptation. Further highly anticipated shows will be the appearanc of Body Count lead by rap-idol and actor Ice-T, the only German concert of Rage with their Lingua Mortis Orchester, the show of gothic pioneers Sisters Of Mercy as well as the American crossover super-group Prophets Of Rage including members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill.

A list of all previously announced bands:

1000 Löwen unter Feinden, Acranius, Airbourne, All Hail The Yeti, Anthrax, Avatar, Battle Beast, Beyond The Black, Black Stone Cherry, Bleed From Within, Body Count, Bullet For My Valentine, Cradle Of Filth, Crematory, Crisix, Critical Mess, D-A-D, Dark Funeral, Delain, Demons & Wizards, Die Happy, Die Kassierer, Downfall Of Gaia, Eisbrecher, Eluveitie, Emil Bulls, Equilibirum, Evergrey, For I Am King, Frog Leap, Gama Bomb, Gernotshagen, Girlschool, Gloryful, Gloryhammer, Grave, Hämatom, Hamferð, Hammerfall, Harpyie, Jinjer, Joachim Witt, Kaizaa, Kärbholz, Krokus, Lagerstein, Legion Of The Damned, Life Of Agony, Manticora, Meshuggah, Michale Graves, Myrath, Nashville Pussy, Nasty, Necrophobic, Night In Gales, Of Mice And Men, Opeth, Parkway Drive, Powerwolf, Primordial, Prophets Of Rage, Queensrÿche, Rage & Lingua Mortis Orchestra, Rose Tattoo, Sabaton, Santiano, Septicflesh, Sisters Of Mercy, Skyclad, Slayer, Soil, Subway To Sally, Suidakra, Sweet, Tesseract, Testament, The Adicts, The Boss Hoss, The Crown, The Night Flight Orchestra, The Vintage Caravan, Thy Art Is Murder, Torment, Tribulation, UFO, Vampire, Velvet Viper, Venom Inc., Versengold, Vltimas, Vogelfrey, Windhand, Within Temptation.

Check out the video trailer!

Ken Wackenthaler Ken Wackenthaler Skriven 2018-08-31 17:11:13
I believe that my ancestors lived there and originally they came from somewhere in Denmark.
Rafa Villalba Rafa Villalba Skriven 2018-06-13 17:30:20
One more year, Wacken welcomes people from all around the world to share in community the metal religion. No other place can make you feel more connected to the spirit of metal, to the rock family, to the holy land!! (you will even drown in holy mud if it rains, a bloody wonderful experience)

This year we get best schedules, more stages, a lot of rock legends and over-the-top acts, and more Mambo Kurt than ever!!

Main bands of the day include:

Backyard Babies
Toxic Holocaust
Mambo Kurt!!
and of course the International Metal Battle!

Vince Neil
Judas Priest
Dying Fetus

Adler's Appetite
Children of Bodom
In Flames
Cannibal Corpse
Running Wild
Mr. Big
Blues Pills
Sons of Apollo

Arch Enemy
Dimmu Borgir
Steel Panther
Helloween - Pumpkins United
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Eskimo Callboy
Nocturnal Rites
Manilla Road

And many, many more!!
Wacken Open Air News Wacken Open Air News Skriven 2018-03-09 14:01:50
5 new dates have been added to our list of Warm Up Parties for 2018!

Date: 23.03.2018
City: ES - Barcelona
Venue: Hellfire Metal Club

Date: 06.04.2018
City: Hamburg
Venue: Kaiserkeller

Date: 27.04.2018
City: Wetzlar
Venue: Event Werkstatt

Date: 19.05.2018
City: Kitzingen
Venue: Alter Keller

Date: 26.05.2018
City: ES - Madrid
Venue: Big Four Rock Bar

Learn more about Warm Up Parties here!
Wacken news Wacken news Skriven 2018-02-20 09:33:59
Gojira, Tremonti, Destruction & Rezet at W:O:A

We can announce 4 new bands and new "theme day" for the upcoming W:O:A!

Gojira will return to Wacken!
The French band Gojira must undoubtedly be on every list of these days most exciting metal bands. With each new album, they easily manage to break down the boundaries of the genres. Without ever sounding arbitrary and interchangeable or sacrificing their own trademarks!

Whether you call it Technical Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Groove or simply Metal, one thing is clear for sure: Gojira always deliver high class!

Tremonti will join Wacken for the very first time! Head of the band is Mark Tremonti, who is already well known as guitarist of Creed and co-founder of Alter Bridge. With Tremonti, he can now follow his own musical visions. To do this proper, he isn't only playing the guitar but also took over the lead vocals.

Destruction will smash the Wacken Open Air 2018 too! The German thrash metal pioneers haven't played at the holy land since 2007, but now it is finally time for them to return!

Last but not least: Rezet Rezet are another new addition for our lineup. Semi-official, the band has already played Wacken twice, namely in the old Metal Market tent, which had a separate program.

They will be part of the new Wasted Wednesday: The Wasteland Stage, which has been repeatedly upgraded in recent years, will be conquered by a terrific, old-school thrash and speed metal lineup. Get rid of your hangover in no time and bang your head to some solid metal!


W:O:A 2018 – 02.08. - 04.08.
With: Judas Priest, Nightwish, In Flames, Ghost, Helloween - Pumpkins United, Running Wild, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom, In Extremo, Hatebreed, Gojira, Steel Panther, Doro, Dirkschneider, Samael, Cannibal Corpse, Schandmaul, Destruction, Clawfinger, Korpiklaani, Eskimo Callboy, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Converge, Riot V, Epica, Tremonti, Wintersun, Oomph!, Amorphis, Vince Neil and many more acts!