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  Hellfest Open Air

Metalfestival i Clisson, Frankrike. Startades med klubbspelningar 2000 och har sedan dess växt och blivit en av de större och mest respekterade festivalerna inom genren - 2010 sålde den slut med 70 000 besökare. Band som gästat genom åren är till exempel Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Korn, Slayer, Kiss, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath och Alice Cooper.

Hellfest brukar äga rum i mitten av juni. Så glöm inte bort att bygga en midsommarstång och dansa små grodorna...fransmännen kommer titta aningen underligt..

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Namn* Kommentar*

Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Skriven 2019-05-26 01:10:33
Hellfest 2018 is nominated for "best festival" by the Heavy Music Awards. If you want to vote for Hellfest, you can use the following link:
Getting to Hell(fest Getting to Hell(fest Skriven 2019-04-13 04:34:28
All roads leads to hell...

SNCF (french rail ways) will be the best advice to reach Nantes for cheap. There, numerous trains go to Clisson frequently, it will be easy to join us without a lack of time!

Low rate trains are available for your round trip by train or bus from a Pays de Loire’s station.

Drive to Clisson and you can´t miss the festival :) Park only on the places marked for parking.

There are busses from Paris and other parts of France. Check out for example.

Come to Hellfest from UK with Argon Events. Argon Events offer a range of Coach and Eurostar Packages to Hellfest with or without hotel accommodation, together with the 3 Day Festival Tickets.
Coaches depart from more than 70 local departure points including Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Dover, Glasgow, Heathrow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton and York.

--Car pooling--
Blablacar is one of the options.

There is an airport in Nantes, from there you can take a shuttle to the festival. You can of course also fly to Paris and many other cities.

See you in hell!
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Skriven 2019-03-31 12:07:04
At this page you can create your personal running order of bands and your can print it. It will helps you a lot in the festival days, instead of wondering where to go and what to do, you will have a good program in your pocket.
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Skriven 2019-03-26 12:56:48
Here is some important info for the festival days.

The map for Hellfest 2019 is not available at this moment, so here you can see the map for 2018:

It is important to know that Cashless system is asked almost everywhere on the festival and you can pay food only with the Cashless system.
Otherwise there is bank ATM at the festival, in Clisson's city and near the Leclerc.

It is good to book a locker where you can charge your phone, photo camera batteries and hold your important things.
They are inside the Metal Corner area.
There are different size lockers and you can book online your locker in the festival area here:
Also you can rent or buy a powerbank.

There will be Easy Camp but the reservations are not open yet.
There will be tents, private sanitary places, a beauty zone and a charge phone zone.

Another possibility to rent a room or a private space of ground to park is:

For every Hellfest ticket's owner there is a free place in the campsite near the fest.
There you must to buy "water credit" to get unlimited access to water (sink and showers) for 4 days.
On the festival site the water points are free.
On the campsite is forbidden to park you car, to use any burning liquids or materials, and wild camping is forbidden too.
There will be organized spaces for car parks. It is not allowed to camp near your car.
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Skriven 2019-03-26 12:42:28
Little info

How to get to the festival
The close big city with airport is Nantes, France. From there you have 3 options to travel to the festival:
1. With a train: SNCF (french rail ways) are a good way to go from Nantes to Clisson.
2. With a car - there will be organized spaces for car parks. It is not allowed to camp near your car.
3. With a suttle festival bus:
The special transports services Douillard are the official Hellfest’s shuttles for 2019.
They have transfers from:

Clisson train stationc <-> Hellfest
Clisson <-> Clisson
Nantes airport <-> Hellfest
Nantes train station (accès sud – Southern entrance ) <-> Hellfest

You can book your shuttle on the following link:

Other transfers
At the Clisson train station, the shuttle will be available at each train arrival without any booking.
At the end of the show, outside the Hellfest site, the shuttle will be available without any booking, for the transfer back to Nantes.
Hellfest Open Air | FESTIVALPHOTO