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  Brutal Assault

Brutal Assault är en extrem-metalfestival som äger rum i Tjeckien i början av Augusti varje år.

Allt började 1995 som en liten lokal grindcorefestival, men idag så har den växt till sig med band som Motörhead, Children of Bodom, Immortal och mycket mer.

Bevakade festivaler:

    Brutal Assault 2009

    Brutal Assault 2010

    Brutal Assault 2011

    Brutal Assault 2012

    Brutal Assault 2013

    Brutal Assault 2014

    Brutal Assault 2015

    Brutal Assault 2016

    Brutal Assault 2023

Namn* Kommentar*

Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Skriven 2023-07-11 22:28:46
Dark atmosphere, emotional despair, slow awakening...

Heilung, Cult of Luna, Moonspell, The Ocean Collective, Russian Circles, Saturnus, Crowbar, Maybeshewill, EYEHATEGOD, Bell Witch, Church of Misery, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX (official), MANTAR, Solothus, MESSA, Kurokuma, Konvent, Tribulation (Official), 1914, Cobra The Impaler, Forgotten Silence , LLNN, Profetus & Church of the Cosmic Skull

Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Skriven 2023-07-11 22:26:18

Your child can play at Brutal!

You have a unique chance to give your children an unforgettable experience while boosting the development of their listening skills and developing their musical talent

This is also part of our music workshop in the BRUTAL KIDS zone at the festival!

6 to 9 years >
Over 9 years >
Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Skriven 2023-07-11 22:13:13
Less than a month to go!
Get your tickets here:

Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Skriven 2023-07-11 03:54:16
Some cancellations and some new bands for Brutal Assault.

Cancelled: Car Bomb, Volumes, White Ward and Within Destruction

We would like to share with you the findings of this year. As part of the band booking process, we were able to snag a line-up that we were proud of and that represents both the spirit of Brutal Assault and most of your requests. Unfortunately, we live in turbulent times and far more bands are cancelling than would be healthy and than we ourselves would like.

We do our best to replace these artists, but bands like Anthrax for example cannot be fully replaced 4 months before the festival. Sure, we have Kreator here for example, but all bands like that have already made their plans for the summer and possibly signed exclusives at other Czech shows. That's why this year we ask for your kindness, all the changes we make are with the best of knowledge and conscience and the lesson that we will try to make up for it with an even more interesting line-up in the following year.
Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Skriven 2023-07-08 02:27:37
Build your own festival poster for Brutal Assault!

Check out this link:
Brutal Assault | FESTIVALPHOTO