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  Galapagai (Roko Naktys)

The annual international rock festival “Rock Nights” has deep rock culture traditions and is also the biggest rock music festival in Lithuania. The first time “Rock Nights” was held in 2003, near Plateliai lake. Bands from Latvia, Poland and Lithuania performed then. But the festival became more and more popular every year. Growing number of participants and bands from all over the world showed that rock is not dead, that Lithuanians and the audience from the Baltic region love it! Five years later “Rock Nights” had to move to a bigger place because it had expanded a lot. So the 6th “Rock Nights” invited rock lovers to a more spacious and a really amazing Zarasas Lake island in Zarasai.

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    Galapagai (Roko Naktys) 2012

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Festival News Festival News Skriven 2012-07-20 05:18:09

August 3. Friday


19:30 - 20:10 - Omerta & M.F.G.
20:30 - 21:10 – Bix
21:30 - 22:10 – AC/DC
22:30 - 23:10 - Despotin Fam
23:40 - 01:00 - CHASE & STATUS


15:50 - 16:10 - The Factor(LV)
16:30 - 17:00 - Sanctimony (LV)
17:20 - 17:50 - Siela
18:10 - 18:40 - Soul Stealer
19:10 - 20:00 – InMe (UK)


14.30 – 14.50 - XIII FORTAS
15.10 – 15.40 – Multiks
16.00 – 16.30 – Timohi
16.50 – 17.20 – ReedNoBrass
17.40 – 18.30 - Jama & W

Late Night Special:

01.00 – 03.00 The Sneekers

August 4. Saturday.


19:30 - 20:10 - Dzelzs Vilks(LV)
20:30 - 21:10 – Krambambulya (BY)
21:30 - 22:10 – A. Mamontovas
22:30 - 23:10 - G&G Sindikatas
23:40 - 01:00 – Oomph!


15:50 - 16:10 - Mandragora
16:30 - 17:00 - Laime Pilniga(LV)
17:20 - 17:50 - Nevesis (EE)
18:10 - 18:40 - NeonFLY (UK)
19:10 - 20:00 – Breed77


11.00 – 11.30 - Art Of Keeping Secrets (LV)
11.50 – 12.20 – RoadKill
12.40 – 13.10 – Jetpack Stanley (EE)
13.50 – 14.10 – Colours of Bubbles
14.40 – 15.20 - Dee & Kammy

Late Night Special:

01.00 – 03.00 Mimicry (EE)

Water Stage

11:00-13:00 Justicious
13:00-15:00 Andy Nic
15:00-17:00 Makdett
17:00-19:00 Style Mistake
Festival News Festival News Skriven 2012-07-20 05:14:55
On stages of “Galapagos / Rock Nights” festival on 3rd-4th of August you will get the chance to hear “Chase & Status” (Great Britain) which has gained the title of best British band in 2011 awards, the industrial metal trio “OOMPH!” (Germany), Gibraltarian rockers “Breed 77” (Great Britain),“Neonfly” and a“InMe” (Great Britain), “Krambambulya” (Belarus),“The Factor” and “Sanctimony” (Latvia), “Siela”, Andrius Mamontovas, BIX, “G&G Sindikatas”, “Soul Stealer”, “Mandragora”, “Despotin’ Fam”, “My Favorite Gun” and “Omerta” project, “Colours of Bubbles”, “ReedNoBrass” (all of the above – Lithuania) and the project of Lithuanian musicians called “AC/DC”, “Laime Pilniga”, “Dzelzs Vilks” (both from Latvia), “Nevesis”, “Mimicry” (both from Estonia). We’re expecting as much as 40 performers in the festival.

Program of the “Galapagos / Rock Nights” festival anniversary is getting filled by an extraordinary amount of entertainment and activities. Few weeks ago organizers announced entertainments in the beach and today we have a list of “dry” activities.
Excluding three big stages of the festival there will also be a beach stage and not that far from it there will be zones for water and land entertainments and activities.
Activities which promote creativity will be held at special time. Vilnius College of Design will hold a few art workshops in which people will be able to make some accessories and learn peculiarities of design.
Fort the festival’s resting zone there will be specially selected sitting bags of all kinds of colours and models. “We will try to support the good atmosphere and mood of the people who will gather to the festival by all those brightly coloured sitting bags.” jested the representatives of
Visitors of the resting zone will also be invited to exercise with their brains by playing checkers in a different way (pushing around soft pillows on a huge blanket).
“The Living Library” will also be open in the festival. It’s a conversation between a living book and the reader. The reader can ask the living book questions which he cares about and hear a sincere answer. Reading becomes an interactive and comfortable space to communicate.
Mobile beauty salon also expects to get some attention of the people who will arrive. There you will be able to do your hair, a temporary tattoo or get a piercing.
Furthermore, people are encouraged to take their four-legged friends to the festival, since on the second day of the festival there will be an annual dogs and their owners race held by “Beglobis” team.

Last year on the 5th-6th of August in “Galapagos / Rock Nights” festival we had more than 6.5 thousand people participating, 35 bands from 8 countries were performing in 5 stages and they did 32 hours of live performance all together, there were 30 of entertainment and educational spaces throughout the festival.
Galapagai (Roko Naktys) | FESTIVALPHOTO