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  Hits And Pits (Canberra)

The 2013 Hits & Pits Touring Mini-Festival proudly presented and brought to you by Collateral Manage Co, Bombshellzine & Triple J - will take aim on Australia in March & April. Collecting the cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth along the way.

This Tour will drag Solvang, California's Mad Caddies from the recording Studio to headline and garnish the event with their intense & fun-loving form of Ska, Punk, Polka & Reggae music. You've seen them before; you love what you've seen.

It will be a chance to get gnarly as this 7 piece triumphantly conquers Australia yet again.

Having called a Hiatus back in 2007, It always seemed unlikely of Punk / Hardcore fans ever re-gaining the chance to see legendary Santa Cruz locals Good Riddance, live on our Australian shores again.

Hold the Press; eat those words, Good Riddance WILL be returning for all dates.

Wipe that dust of those GR discs, jog your memory of these political protests and personal struggle soundtracks, unless you are like us and you never stopped listening! Which we know is the case...

The far from Cliché Quintet, outta New Bedford, Massachusetts; A Wilhelm Scream, Not only front the wave of the new Melodic/Hardcore sound, but also bring the pace, the party, the riffs and the harmonies to continually change the face and revitalise a genre desperately requiring an engaging and powerful performance. Put simply, A Wilhelm Scream will rule your stage.

Who Do Voodoo? We Do!

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    Hits And Pits (Canberra) 2013

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