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  Pori Jazz

Pori Jazz is a large international jazz festival, held annually in the coastal city of Pori (a population of 82,809 in January 2010), Finland. It is one of the oldest and best known jazz festivals in Europe, having been arranged every year since 1966.

The first, 2-day-long Pori Jazz Festival was held in July 1966 with 1500 visitors. Audiences grew from year to year and the duration of the festival was also increased. Between 1975 and 1984 it became established as a four-day event. Since 1985 the festival has lasted nine days with audiences numbering from 50,000–60,000. At the moment Pori Jazz Festival is the biggest, most well known and most popular summer event in Finland. The first festival was based on acoustic jazz but little by little electric jazz and other rhythm music, blues, soul, funk, hip-hop and the rich Cuban and Brazilian music took foot. Now Pori Jazz offers a broad contingent of the world's leading artists ranging from long-established figures to up-and-coming stars. About 70 per cent of the program is admission free. Numerous world-famous musicians (including, for example, Tori Amos, Art Blakey, James Brown, Phil Collins, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Alicia Keys, Paul Simon, Jamiroquai, Macy Gray, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, Paul Anka, Kanye West, Sting and others) have performed at the festival through the years, as well as lesser-known groups from Finland and elsewhere. Musical genres covered at Pori Jazz include varieties of jazz, blues, soul, funk, hip hop, Afro-Cuban, world music, and occasionally even some forms of pop music.

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