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  Soundwave (Sydney)

Rock/metalfestival i Sydney Olympic Park i Sydney, Australien. Artister som spelat på festivlen är bland andra The Offspring, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Alice In Chains och Hatebreed.

Soundwave hålls i flera städer i Australien under februari och mars.

Bevakade festivaler:

    Soundwave (Sydney) 2010

    Soundwave (Sydney) 2011

Namn* Kommentar*

Amanda Beadman Amanda Beadman Skriven 2013-02-05 19:07:38
Mindless Self Indulgence form part of this year’s Soundwave Festival lineup.
Hailing from New York City the band is comprised of the evocatively named Jimmy Urine on vocals, Steve on guitar, Lyn Z on bass and Kitty on drums.
A performance from the foursome is guaranteed to bring dynamic chaos to the stage with the possibility of material destruction.
Known for energising crowds into music induced mania, they have already carved a trail across America the UK and Europe in 2012.
Best described as electro-punk – their music has a throbbing centre that pulses through an audience on waves of technologically infused beats and grooves.
For their Soundwave gig they are promising to play both new material and favourites from their 10 year history.
They sold out in many cities across the globe, including New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Manchester and London and they are one of Soundwave 2013’s most anticipated performances.
Andrew Cheung Andrew Cheung Skriven 2012-12-22 04:37:21
Soundwave extra tickets sold out!

The extra release of Soundwave tickets sold out in record time yesterday. All Soundwave Festival 2013 dates are now completely sold out.
Andrew Cheung Andrew Cheung Skriven 2012-12-19 01:31:10
Extra ticket release… ho ho ho!
There's been an announcement that a strictly limited number of tickets will be released for Soundwave Festival in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Tickets go on sale this Friday 21 December, 10am local time…just in time for Christmas!
Strictly limited release on sale Friday 21 December, 10am local time.
Amanda Beadman Amanda Beadman Skriven 2012-12-18 17:24:37
Slayer are playing a Sidewaves gig as an offshoot of Soundwave 2013. The added performance will take place at the Big Top at Luna Park in Sydney – which means the smiling lunatic face that is the park’s trademark will act as a sinister backdrop to the unleashing of these prolific metal legends.
Slayer have thousands of live performances and nearly 30 years to testify to their ageless appeal and status as one of the most influential metal bands of all time.
Musically, they know how to reach in and grab the listener with a forceful, raw power, while also offering something darkly sublime in music that is both well composed and expertly crafted.
Tickets to their Sidewaves gig are on sale now and are expected to sell out fast.
The gig is scheduled for Monday, February 25 and is for over 18s only.
Tickets are available online, unless sold out, at:
Amanda Beadman Amanda Beadman Skriven 2012-12-13 23:18:31
Seminal 90s band The Offspring provided the soundtrack for the best years of many a Gen-Xer.
High energy, young-at-heart, boisterous, witty and loud – they tapped into the mindset of a generation.
In three amazing gigs as part of the Sidewaves component of Soundwave 2013, The Offspring will celebrate their 20th Anniversary by playing their entire 1992 album Ignition.
The shows will also include some new stuff thrown in with the punk rock classics.
The Offspring will take to the stage at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre for a licensed all ages gig on Friday, March 8.
This will follow a Melbourne gig for over 18s at The Palace on Wednesday, March 6.
A third gig for over 18s will be held at The Hi-Fi in Brisbane on Saturday, March 9.
Tickets go on sale Thursday, December 20 at 9am.
Get tickets to the Sydney show online at:
Tickets for the Melbourne show can be purchased at either or
For tickets to the Brisbane show go to
Soundwave (Sydney) | FESTIVALPHOTO