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Sabaton (Himmelstalundshallen - Norrköping) | FESTIVALPHOTO
Sabaton (Himmelstalundshallen - Norrköping) - Läs Recension
«Visa Helskärm»
«Visa Helskärm»
«Visa Helskärm»
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The band from Falun has since its inception in 1999 conquered Sweden and the rest of the world with his music and lyrics about historical battles . Their latests albums, have been two of the mostsuccessful hard rock discs in Swedish history and Heroes, released in May 2014, reached #1 on the official Swedish album chart.

Sabaton tour frequently and, thanks to the won numerous awards for best live band. They have played at all the major heavy metal festivals including, without limitation, Przystanek Woodstock in Poland with 500 000 people in the audience. This gig was filmed and ...