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Devilish Presley - The Dark Triad | FESTIVALPHOTO

Devilish Presley - The Dark Triad



London band Devilish Presley are singer/guitarist Jacqui Vixen and guitarist Johnny Navarro. Devilish Presley are a hard band to categorise easily. There is a strong punk feel, but there are also gothic influences, as well as glam rock and metal. Gothic Punk is probably the best fit, but really what genre they are isn't that important. What is important is the fact that they are clearly a very talented band and this is a fantastic album.

"The Dark Triad" is the band's fifth album, and the first to have Jacqui Vixen doing the lead vocals instead of Johnny Navarro. After listening to the album I have to wonder why its taken them so long to get Jacqui doing the vocals - she's done a superb job on this album.

"The beast must die" is the first single from the album and is a fantastic song. I saw the video a few weeks ago and its been played a lot since then, and now I've got the whole album to listen to, this song is being played a lot (as are the other songs on the album). It's got a great catchy chorus, great guitar work, and the at times snarling vocals suit the song perfectly.

There isnt a single weak track on the album (I wish I could say that about all the albums I hear), but some of the standout tracks are "The beast must die", "Cocaine Joe", "Dancefloor ghost", "I created a monster" and "Zurich psychological club".

The album was produced by Kevin Poree.

There have been some great albums released so far this year and "The Dark Triad" is one of the albums I've enjoyed most this year. Its got so much power, energy and attitude mixed with great tunes and lyrics. This is a really fantastic album, so go out and buy a copy - I'm sure you won't be disappointed with "The Dark Triad".

Track listing:

1. Happy As Saturday
2. City Of Dreadful Night
3. The Beast Must Die
4. Cocaine Joe
5. Down Where You Belong
6. Dance Floor Ghost
7. Is There Anybody There
8. Kiss Kiss Apocalypse
9. I Created A Monster
10. The Shakers
11. Horror Movie Head
12. Zurich Psychological Club

Bonus Tracks (CD Only)
13. Don't Come Any Closer
14. The Murder Parade

Skribent: Anthony May
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