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Bai Bang - Livin' my dream | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bai Bang - Livin' my dream



"Livin' my dream" is the new album from Swedish glam/sleeze rockers Bai Bang. The bands last album, 2009's "Are you ready" was nominated as the best glam/sleeze album at the Swedish metal awards and was also voted as the "Best all round party anthem album of the year" in the Australian magazine, The Rockpit. As a result, the new album has a lot to live up to. Happily I can report that the album exceeds expectations.

"Livin' my dream" is the bands seventh album (sixth if you exclude the 2006 "best of" album). The band were active from the late 1980's through till 2001 when they released the "Attitude" album. This was followed by several years of quiet before they started touring again in 2007 and released "Are you ready" in 2009.

Comments on a few of the tracks..

The album gets off to a fast start - first track, "We're united" skips any gentle intro and kicks straight in at full power with wailing guitars and pounding drums.

"Livin' my dream" has some unusual guitar effects, particularly at the start, but this doesnt detract from a great song.

"Come on" has a great catchy chorus, and an early Bon Jovi feel.

To sum the album up, great guitar work, great music, great vocals and fantastic songs.

The album is full of classic 80's rock music making this a really great album that should appeal to all fans of classic 80's rock bands such as Bon Jovi, Ratt, LA Guns or Def Leppard.

My only criticism is the length of the album - or rather the lack of it. Coming in at a total running time of 35 minutes, this is a disappointingly short album.

"Livin' my dream" is due for release on 27th July 2011 through AOR Heaven records

Bai Bang are:

Diddi Kastenholt – Vocals
Pelle Eliaz – Lead Guitar
Joacim Sandin – Bass
Johnny Benson - Drums

Track listing:

1. We're united
2. Livin' my dream
3. Come on
4. Rock on
5. Stay
6. Gonna have it all
7. Tonight
8. Rock it
9. Die for you
10. Put on her dress

Skribent: Anthony May
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