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An interview with Byfrost | FESTIVALPHOTO

An interview with Byfrost


Festivalphoto interviewed Byfrost shortly before their UK debut at the Bloodstock festival.

Festivalphoto: OK first of all for anyone not familiar with Byfrost, can you tell me a bit about the band?

Byfrost: OK we're a three piece metal band from Bergen, Norway. We play the kind of music that makes your head spin and throw your horns to the sky really.

Festivalphoto: You started as a four piece before changing lineup and becomeing a 3 piece band?

Byfrost: Yeah it wasn't any good as a four piece.

Festivalphoto: There aren't really that many three piece bands in metal.

Byfrost: Well there are some worth mentioning, you do have Motorhead, Venom, and Immortal.

Festivalphoto: Why do you think so many black metal bands come from Norway?

Byfrost: Well they thought of it. It started in Norway and sprung up from this primal agression from misunderstood teens back in the very early 90s and now its escalated into something very big, larger than black metal itself I think.

Festivalphoto: Are you excited about playing the UK for the first time?

Byfrost: Absolutely, to come here and do our first show at fucking Bloodstock - that's amazing.

Festivalphoto: What can fans expect from your set today? Mainly stuff from the new album?

Byfrost: We're going to do, most of the set is from the new album - we're here to promote this, and there'll be two or three, yeah a couple of songs from the black earth album. I think you can expect some hard hitting metal.

Festivalphoto: How do you feel the new album (Of death) compares to the first album (black earth)?

Byfrost: More of the good stuff. Better sounding I think. The songs are geared up a little differently, we've got more chorus, we've got dual layer vocals on it. The first album was just real cold hard aggression so we wanted to step a little away from that and make a record that sounded like it was released in 2011, not the mid 90s, so that's what we're going for.

Festivalphoto: I've been told by bands from Finland that they can drink far more than Norwegian bands, but Norwegians tell me its the other way round, who do you think are the biggest drinkers?

Byfrost: I'm not sure - I think the Finnish bands would win actually, they're hardcore on the booze.

Festivalphoto: Have you tried the English real ales here?

Byfrost: *brandishing an almost empty pint glass* this is Hobgoblin. We've seen there are lots of nice organic beers in there (the VIP bar), so we're definitely going to be in there later.

Festivalphoto: Obviously you'll have to try them all to make sure you find the best ones

Byfrost: With more than one bottle of each. We're into drinking but we're also into the quality taste of the beer.

Festivalphoto: OK thanks for your time guys - I know you need to head over and get ready for your set.

Byfrost: Thank you.

Skribent: Anthony May
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