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Newman - Under southern skies | FESTIVALPHOTO

Newman - Under southern skies



Newman is the project of singer/guitarist Steve Newman. Although there is a full band (pictured on the back of the CD cover) they don't appear on the album. The album is almost wholly the work of Steve Newman who sings as well as playing keyboards and guitar - a drummer who isnt in the live band (Rob McEwen) was the only other musician involved apart from one song (If he loves you) where Shaun Bessant from the live band appears on guitar. It does beg the question - why when there is a full band for live shows do they not appear on the album?

Listening to the album, I'm afraid none of the songs jump out as great songs. Equally none of the songs are really bad - they're all fairly good songs, there's just nothing special here. There is good guitar work, good vocals, some good keyboard work (although at times it seems too prominent), so in theory it should mean a great album, but it just lacks that chemistry that makes everything come together to make a special album.

What you have with this album is technically very good melodic rock, but for me its just lacking anything that makes it stand out. I've noticed this on a few solo projects were one person writes, records and produces the album - without those outside influences the album isnt subjected to independant criticism during the writing/recording/production and as a result the album just feels slightly disappointing.

Track listing:

1. Killing me
2. If he loves you
3. Under southern skies
4. Strength to carry on
5. Ghost in the night
6. Without warning
7. She's gone
8. Fire with fire
9. Save no prisoners
10. Wish you were here
11. Montserrat

Skribent: Anthony May
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