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Guido Campiglio - Rumble in the jungle | FESTIVALPHOTO

Guido Campiglio - Rumble in the jungle



Guido Campiglio is a guitar player who has chosen to release this instrumental album. Although focussed around his guitar work there are also electonic arrangements included.

Some of the "song" titles are totally meaningless to anyone other than the artist - "C.D.T. Symphony" and "Butterfly suite Op. No 1" for instance, whereas others do at least manage to give an idea of what to expect - "Tomahawk (Dance of war)" for instance.

Listening to the album I'm left with just one thought - who is the album meant to appeal to? As far as I can see its only going to appeal to other guitarists as an entire album of instrumentals built around the guitar work just isnt going to appeal to many people I'm afraid, despite Guido Campiglio's obvious talent as a guitarist.

Guido Campiglio would in my opinion have been far better off taking a lesson from 80's guitar player Yngwie Malmsteen who's albums while primarily focussed on his superb guitar work, at least realised that having a proper band including a singer made things work far better - people are far more likely to listen to an album with singing, bass etc that includes some superb guitar solos than they are to listen to a 35 minute instrumental album such as Rumble in the jungle.

This album contains some excellent guitar work but sadly is only likely to appeal to other guitarists.

Guido Campiglio: lead guitar
Fabio Cariboni: rhythm guitar
Mariano Dimonte: electronic arrangements

Track listing:

1. C.D.T. Symphony
2. Rumble in the jungle
3. Butterfly suite Op. No 1
4. Resurrection
5. Skin
6. Tomahawk (Dance of war)
7. Secret garden
8. Dhalsim
9. Drakkar

Skribent: Anthony May
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