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Debut album from Three Cane Whale | FESTIVALPHOTO

Debut album from Three Cane Whale

Album: Three Cane Whale, Three Cane Whale
Label: Idyllic Records

"Perfect" - Cerys Matthews, BBC 6 Radio
"Ever-inventive" - Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction
"Unutterably lovely. A team of watchmakers, each crafting their own bejewelled cog, and intricately splicing together a glorious whole" - Venue
"Singular, contemplative & seductive moods & atmospheres. Wonderful" - fRoots
"Eccentric, uplifting and spellbinding" - Time Out
"A fantastic record deserving of all kinds of exposure" - The Local
"Every bit as eccentric, individual and unique as its recording history might suggest" - R2
"A quiet gentle beauty. Mesmerising" - Bristol Evening Post
Three Cane Whale are a new multi-instrumental trio, playing acoustic miniatures which draw influence from folk and minimalist music. Their debut, eponomously-titled album is out now.
Alex Vann (mandolin, bowed psaltery, music box) is mandolinist with the hugely innovative and influential Spiro (Real World Records); Pete Judge (trumpet, harmonium, lyre, glockenspiel) plays trumpet for the equally highly-regarded Get The Blessing (BBC Jazz Award-winners, Naim Records) and for the duo Eyebrow; Paul Bradley (acoustic guitar) is the maverick genius behind legendary Bristol band Organelles, and is currently working with the Fleur Darkin Dance Company on The Blake Project.

Three Cane Whale's debut album was recorded live (by Spiro's Jon Hunt) in an eleven hour shift in an eighteenth-century Bristol church last summer. Distant snippets of birdsong occasionally spill into the mix, which also celebrates the eccentric creakings and clickings of the trio's unusual instrumentation. The music encompasses both a cinematic sweep and an intimate delicacy. Tracks from the album have been played on Cerys Matthews' BBC 6 Radio show, BBC Radio 3's Late Junction, BBC Radio 4’s Too Many Books documentary, and Resonance FM.

Skribent: Anthony May
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