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Tracer - Spaces in between | FESTIVALPHOTO

Tracer - Spaces in between



Tracer are a rock band from Australia. If you're already thinking they'll sound like ACDC, Airbourne and Rose Tattoo, Australia's best known rock exports then you're completely wrong I'm afraid. Tracer blend 90's stoner rock with 70s hard rock to produce some great music. The band formed in 2004 after the collapse of The Brown Brothers. Tracer is a three-piece band but they produce as big a sound as any four or five piece band

Comments on a few of the tracks..

The album opens with "Too much", a great hard rock song. The vocals in this song remind me very strongly of The Cult's Ian Astbury. This is a really good track and is one of my favourites on the album.

"The Bitch" has more of a stoner rock feel to it.

"Louder than this" has a real blues feel to it, and builds to a stomping rhythm with plenty of power while still keeping that bluesy feel - definitely a highlight of the album.

"Voice in the rain" is a slower more melodic track which features some great vocals. This is another standout track for me, and has a Bad Company feel to it.

Tracer's album, "Spaces in between" is a great piece of work. It combines the stoner rock feel of bands like Clutch with 70s hard rock and vocals that sound like they come from The Cult's Ian Astbury. All the elements are strong, but together they're just superb. The album has plenty of variety as the various tracks blend the influences differently so one track may have a real stoner rock feel and the next track can be more classic hard rock, but they do this without them losing a common feel to them which takes some doing.

Definitely a band to check out and an album that should be perfectly at home in most rock fans collections.

Tracer are:

Leigh Brown - Vocals and Bass
Michael Brown - Vocals and Guitar
Andre Wise - Drums

Track listing:

1. Too much
2. Push
3. Walk alone
4. Louder than this
5. Devil ride
6. The bitch
7. Voice in the rain
8. Spaces in between
9. Dead inside
10. Save my breath
11. All in my head
12. Won't let it die (Run Mary)

Skribent: Anthony May
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