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Diamond Head - Lightning to the nations: The white album (Deluxe edition) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Diamond Head - Lightning to the nations: The white album (Deluxe edition)



Diamond Head are a band familiar to most older fans of Heavy Metal, but some younger fans might not be so aware of them. For some heavy metal fans their first exposure to Diamond Head will have been when they joined the Big 4 (Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth) on stage at Sonisphere to perform "Am I evil". Contrary to the belief or assumption of some people, this isnt a Metallica song, its a Diamond Head song that Metallica have chosen to cover. When a band as influential as Metallica chooses not only to cover a song by a band, but to invite them on stage, then you know there is something special about that band. Between 1979 and 1983, UK band Diamond Head released three classic albums - the first being the White Album, reviewed here.

The album contains just 7 tracks which may not sound much when most songs these days are just 3 or 4 minutes long, but this album still clocks in around 43 minutes long, with four of the songs being over six minutes in length (one is nine and a half minutes). Add the second disc containing the singles in as well and you're looking at plenty of value here.

I'm not going to go into a detailed analysis of all the songs - suffice it to say this is classic British heavy metal, and is something for all fans of NWOBHM bands as well as all Metallica fans.

The song most Metallica fans will be interested in is clearly "Am I evil". While lacking in the same level of power af Metallica's version, it's easy to see why this song might have influenced a young group of musicians - the song still has plenty of powerful guitar riffs and is frankly a classic metal song - probably one of the best known songs around.

Another song on the album will be familiar to Metallica fans - The Prince. Like "Am I evil" it was covered by Metallica on their "Garage Inc" album, which again shows the influence Diamond Head had on Metallica.

This deluxe edition contains 2 CD's - the first being the album itself and the second ebing several singles. The packaging is well done - a nice gatefold card case with various photos on it, and the CD booklet is packed with old photos and information about Diamond Head.

This is an essential purchase for any self respecting fan of heavy metal - Metallica fans in particular. This album isn't just a piece of nostalgia or history though - its stood the test of time and is still a fantastic album with great songwriting, superb guitar work and great vocals.

Track listing:

Disc 1: White album

1. Lightning to the nation
2. The prince
3. Sucking my love
4. Am I evil
5. Sweet and innocent
6. It's electric
7. Helpless

Disc 2: Singles

1. Shoot out the lights
2. Streets of gold
3. Waited too long
4. Play it loud
5. Diamond lights
6. We won't be back
7. I don't got

Skribent: Anthony May
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