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Coldspell & The Quill - Barfly, London - 22-11-2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Coldspell & The Quill - Barfly, London - 22-11-2011



The night opened with sets from Toxic Federation and Rough Cut. Both were very good, but Rough Cut impressed particularly, partly because for a band that looked too young to be out late on a school night, they performed very well, and their singer in particular was very impressive. The only weak link was the drummer who didnt seem to be quite as good as the others - or was just having a bad night.

Swedish hard rockers Coldspell took to the stage in front of a fairly disappointing crowd, but didnt let that bother them. They put in a great set consisting of five songs from their latest album (Out from the cold) as well as three older songs.
With plenty of good heavy guitars and some great vocals, Coldspell definitely impressed quite a few people. A band that is definitely worth a listen if you get the chance.

Tonight's headliners, The Quill are making their first appearance in the UK for seven years. By this time the venue is busier - not packed but at least a reasonable crowd. The Quill quickly manage to do what the other bands have failed to do - which is to entice the audience to move forward away from the back of the venue. The Quill have a hard rock/stoner rock sound and it's very impressive - this is a band that should be playing far bigger venues than the Barfly. With a set that includes 8 songs from their new album, Full Circle, The Quill will have made some new fans here tonight. Hopefully they'll be back in the UK early next year.

Coldspell setlist:

Keep on believing
Eye of the storm
Run for your life
Night falls
One in a million
Out from the cold

The Quill setlist:

Full circle
White flag
American Powder
Pace that kills
More alive
Black star
Bring it on

Skribent: Anthony May
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