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Craig Finn - Clear heart full eyes | FESTIVALPHOTO

Craig Finn - Clear heart full eyes



Craig Finn is an american singer and guitarist, and is best known as a frontman for the bands "Lifter Puller" and "The hold steady". In 2011 Finn challenged himself to write a new song every day in his Brooklyn apartment. "I had written a bunch of songs that were outside of the norm for The Hold Steady, a little quieter and perhaps more narrative," says Finn. "I wanted to gain some experience and insight into the process of making a record by working with new people.". The result is this solo album, "Clear heart, full eyes".

Musically the album is a lot less rocky than THe Hold Steady, and varies style-wise considerably across the album. You've got slow laid-back songs (e.g. Not much left of us), more up-tempo stuff (When no ones watching). "Terrified eyes" is country rock, and despite the name, "Honolulu blues" isnt blues but is more of a stomping classic rock track. Craig Finn delivers his vocals in an almost speaking style, which works well.

The album is packed with great songwriting. All the songs take a narrative style, telling stories and demonstrating Craig Finn's great eye for detail. This is a really good album and is well worth a listen.

"Clear heart full eyes" is out now from Full Time Hobby records.

Track listing:

1. Apollo bay
2. When no ones watching
3. No future
4. New friend jesus
5. Jackson
6. Terrified eyes
7. Western pier
8. Honolulu blues
9. Rented room
10. Balcony
11. Not much left of us

Skribent: Anthony May
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