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The Treatment, Jettblack & Reckless Love - Relentless Garage, London - 02/02/2012 | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Treatment, Jettblack & Reckless Love - Relentless Garage, London - 02/02/2012



Tonight at the Garage was part of the HMV Next Big Thing event showcasing up and coming talents. Tonights bands are all signed to Spinefarm, and the bands have played with each other before, but judging by how well these bands are going down on their tours and the quality of the albums they're putting out, this may be one of the last times you'll see all three on the same bill. Despite the bands having a strong appeal to the ladies, the crowd tonight is fairly evenly split between men and women, showing that these bands are not relying on their youth and looks, but actually play damn good music.

The night opened with young Cambridge band, The Treatment. The smallest of the three bands at the moment, these guys are growing in popularity rapidly. Despite their youth they have already played several festivals and loads of gigs so have plenty of confidence - as well as the musical talent to back up that confidence. They clearly have a lot of fun both on and off stage, and that enthusiasm transmits to the audience. Despite them being on stage not long after the doors opened there's a good crowd here already and the bands impressive set goes down very well with the fans.

Next up tonight came Jettblack. This young British band put in a very impressive set - their performance was polished, the music had plenty of power and the songs were strong. Again they went down very well with the crowd, and with their next album due out in a few short months that is definitely something to look forward to based on how good they were tonight.

Tonights headliners are Reckless Love, hailing from Finland they are the only foreign band on tonights bill, and are clearly very popular. Opening with "Animal attraction", the title track from their latest album, they have the audience in the palm of their hand right from the start. The ladies in particular seem to really enjoy their performance, and toward the end, a pair of knickers is thrown to singer Olli who catches them and after putting them on Jalle's head for a while, hangs them from the head of his bass guitar for the rest of the show.
When Olli decides to remove his T-shirt before disappearing off stage to don a new one, there is plenty of cheering from the ladies.
The band's music is definitely very radio-friendly, and is the least heavy of the bands tonight, but is the most commercial. That's not a criticism - they sound fantastic, and they know how to rock.

A great night of live music from three young bands that are already making a big impression on the music scene and are likely to go on to much bigger things.

Jettblack photos:
The Treatment photos:
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The Treatment setlist:

Drink fuck fight
Shake the mountain
The doctor
I fear nothing
Nothing to lose but our minds
Way of the world
Get up get out of it

Jettblack setlist:

Get your hands dirty
Slip it on
Not even love
Fooled by a rose
Mother fucker
Two hot girls

Reckless love setlist:

Animal Attraction
Born To Break Your Heart
Back To Paradise
Guitar solo
Dirty Dreams
On The Radio
Wild Touch
SwitchBlade Babe
Beautiful Bomb
One More Time


Skribent: Anthony May
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