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Hysterica - The art of metal | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hysterica - The art of metal



"The art of metal" is the second album from Swedish all-female metal band, Hysterica. For anyone who hasnt listened to Hysterica before, these ladies don't play gothic or symphonic metal - they play proper old school metal. Since releasing their debut album, Metalwar, Hysterica have recruited a keyboard player which does seem from listening to this new album, to enhance their sound without detracting from the traditional metal feel of the music.
The album was produced by Pontus Norgren (HAMMERFALL) and Marcus Jidell (EVERGREY).

As with the first album, the lyrics can be slightly cheesy at times, but then that's a trait fairly common in heavy metal.

There are some great songs on the album - "Heels of steel" and "Fighters of the century" in particular. "Message" is a long track - around 7 minutes, and is quite a diverse track. It starts off with some gentle piano style keyboards and slow ballad-like vocals, before it turns into a heavier rock track but still with a fairly slow pace compared to many of the other songs. A very good track.

If you enjoyed Metalwar then you'll definitely enjoy "The art of metal" - it's better than the first album without departing significantly from the formula that made Metalwar successful. The inclusion of some growling death metal vocals as well as the normal clean vocals serves to add some extra variety. Personally I prefer the clean vocals, but the growling vocals are well done and overall do add to the album.

"The art of metal" is out on 9th March 2012 via Black lodge records.

Track listing :

1. Breaking the walls
2. Fighters of the century
3. Live or die
4. Spirit of the age
5. Message
6. Fear of the light
7. Force
8. Heels of steel
9. Hysterica
10. Daughters of the night

Skribent: Anthony May
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