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Outloud - More catastrophe | FESTIVALPHOTO

Outloud - More catastrophe



Following the release of their latest album, Love Catastrophe, in July 2011, the band have decided to release a six track EP which contains three brand new songs, a Christmas single that was released online in December, a Flamenco version of the song “Falling Rain” and a piano & vocals version of the track “We Run”.
Singer Chandler Mogel says, "We wanted to give the fans a little something extra this time around. These songs pick up where the last album left off and at the same time serve as a road sign as to where we're going. Hopefully this will hold everyone over until the third album is ready, which we're currently beginning to work on."

The release of the EP comes as a surprise as its only seven months since the album was released, but I'm certainly not going to complain - more material of this quality is always welcome, and it makes the wait for their next album less painful as we've got more to listen to till then.

The Three new songs - "Saints on fire", "Cross the line" and "Mr Long gone" all sound great. They'v got plenty of heavy rock feelto them - "Mr long gone" in particular is a good heavy track

One thing worried me when I read the description - the dreaded words "Christmas single", as let's be frank, rock and metal bands have over the years released some truly awful Christmas songs, but "Last days of December" is actually a good AOR/melodic rock song.

I'm not that keen on the flamenco version of Falling rain - I definitely prefer the original version on Love catastrophe.

The piano/vocal version of "We Run" however is very good - it's got a nice stripped down feel to it that allows the vocals to really shine through.

The EP will be available at the bands upcoming shows in Greece, as well as in stores and digitally across Europe via AOR Heaven. The EP will be released on 30th March 2012.

"More Catastrophe" is an essential purchase for all Outloud fans - a great EP.

Track listing:

1. Saints On Fire
2. Cross The Line
3. Mr. Long Gone
4. Last Days Of December
5. Falling Rain (Flamenco Version)
6. We Run (for Piano and Vocals)

Skribent: Anthony May
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