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Pythia & The Mariana Hollow - 29-2-2012 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pythia & The Mariana Hollow - 29-2-2012



Tonight is the launch party for Pythia's new album, The Serpents curse. The Mariana Hollow who are supporting also have a new album out (Velvet Black sky). Normally with two unsigned bands playing a midweek gig I wouldnt expect a large crowd, but tonight the Borderline is pretty packed - the bands have attracted a damn good crowd. Handing each ticket holder a signed copy of Pythia's current single (Betray my heart) on Vinyl was a nice touch and probably helped ticket sales, not to mention putting people in a great mood straight away on the night.

The night started with plenty of drinking while Pythia's album played, then after a short break it was time for The Mariana Hollow to take the stage. Despite them being very different to Pythia musically, their more alternative rock/metal sound goes down very well with the crowd tonight. Having seen them live a few times, I was impressed tonight - they were definitely on form, and deserve to do well.

Tonight's headliners, Pythia kicked off their set with "Betray my heart" from the new album. Surprisingly they chose to play a good mix of songs from the new and old albums - I'd expected it to be all new stuff, but the inclusion of fan favourites from the first albumd did ensure that they kept the great atmosphere going throughout the set. Often the atmosphere is subdued when a band plays new material that the fans haven't heard before, but even the new stuff tonight got a great reception. The new album is heavier than the first, and it was noticeable that the newer songs got more people headbanging during the night.
The set ended with Heartless before the band took a short break and then came back to do a 2 song encore - "Cry of our nation" and "No compromise". A great night of music, and judging by the queue at the merchandise stand then a lot of the fans there liked the new material enough to buy the album.

Both bands tonight were in great form and put on a great show for the fans - an excellent nights entertainment.

The Mariana Hollow Setlist:

Second to None
Your halo
Come Undone
Stand Your Ground
Weight of the World
Dead Reckoning

Pythia Setlist:

Betray my heart
Kissing the Knife
Just A Lie
Army of the damned
Sweet cantation

Cry of our nation
No compromise


Skribent: Anthony May
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