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Eklipse - A night in strings | FESTIVALPHOTO

Eklipse - A night in strings



Eklipse are a group of four young ladies who play classical music and who joined forces in 2011. As Eklipse they play classical versions of various pop and rock songs. This is obviously going to draw comparisons with Apocalyptica who play heavy metal songs on the cello.
Unlike Apocalyptica, Eklipse don't just use cellos - instead they play viola, violins and the cello. This does give them a quite different sound to Apocalyptica.

Unlike Apocalyptica, Eklipse have chosen a much more pop oriented range of songs to cover, with songs on the album being from Kate Bush, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode and Linkin Park amongst others.

Eklipse are clearly not afraid to use their looks to help promote their music and don't try and pretend that sex appeal doesnt affect sales. Eklipse sometimes perform blindfolded but not only for the fashion aspect, but say it symbolizes their concentration, which is necessary for this kind of music, and helps them become one with the sound. It has been hinted that the girls are paying homage to the Bondage scene, but if you ask them they just smile and continue playing.

Ignoring their looks, lets get to the important part bearing in mind this is an album review - what's the music like? Well if you don't like Apocalypytica then its unlikely you'll bother with Eklipse, although I'm already starting to prefer Eklipse over Apocalyptica. If you're open to hearing classical interpretations of pop or rock music then Eklipse are definitely worth listening to.
The use of a range of instruments - viola, violin and cello mean the music is lighter, more delicate and more varied than that of Apocalyptica. The songs they've chosen work extremely well. I love the original Kate Bush version of Cloudbursting, and the Eklipse version is superbly done. Coldplay are a band I really don't like, yet I actually like the Eklipse cover of Clocks - it's far better than listening to Coldplay.

I really like this album, but it's not going to be to everyones taste. If you like classical music as well as rock/pop, or are open to bands like Apocalyptica doing classical covers of rock songs then you should definitely give Eklipse a listen.

I'm looking forward to seeing them perform next month when they open for Nightwish on their European tour.

"A night in strings" is out now.

Eklipse are:

Helena (Cello),
Viola (Viola),
Miss E. (Violin),
Scarlett (Violin)

Track Listing

1. Wonderful Life (Originally by Hurts)
2. In The End (Originally by Linkin Park)
3. New Moon (Theme From “Eclipse – New Moon")
4. Home (Originally by Depeche Mode)
5. Cry Me A River (Originally by Justin Timberlake)
6. Cloudbursting (Originally by Kate Bush)
7. Paparazzi (Originally by Lady Gaga)
8. Run (Originally by Snow Patrol)
9. Mumbai Theme (Theme from “Bombay”)
10. Clocks (Originally by Coldplay)

Skribent: Anthony May
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