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Bucks Fizz - Writing on the wall | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bucks Fizz - Writing on the wall



According to the press release, Universal Music Catalogues new "Re-presents" label takes well known and loved albums from decades gone and re-releases them in a fresh new form.
My first reaction on hearing that they have chosen to re-release "Writing on the wall" the fifth and final album from Bucks Fizz was - Why? On its original release just over 25 years ago, the album was hardly a success, reaching number 89 in the album charts and crashing out of the chart altogether after just one week. Given that its hardly well known and surely it's not well loved either?

After listening to the album though, I can totally understand why they've chosen to re-release this album. It's a world away from the cheesy eurovision song contest winning Bucks Fizz hits that we remember them for - "Making your mind up" and "Land of make believe". In fact this album is far far better than their best known songs, and is far more sophisticated pop music than I'd expected.

This 25th anniversary edition contains 2 discs - the first contains the album and the second is packed with bonus material including original 12 inch mizes and B sides, previously unreleased medleys from the "Live at Fairfield Hall" session, and unedited versions of two Bobby Gee solo songs.

If you're a fan of 80s pop music then I definitely recommend that you give this album a listen - it could well surprise you with how good it is - don't let their cheesy "Making your mind up" put you off as this album is far superior to that.

The 25th anniversary edition of "Writing on the wall" is out on April 16th via Universal.

Disc 1

1. New Beginning (Mamba Seyra)
2. Love The One You're With (7" Version)
3. Don't Turn Back
4. Keep Each Other Warm
5. Love In A World Gone Mad (New Version 7")
6. The Company You Keep
7. Soul Motion
8. Give A Little Love
9. In Your Eyes
10. I Need Your Love
11. Too Hard
12. Love The One You're With (Extended Version)
13. I Hear Talk
14. Love In A World Gone Mad (New Version (Extended Mix))
15. New Beginning

Disc 2

1. Love The One You're With (Alternate Mix)
2. Keep Eachother Warm
3. Love In A World Gone Mad (Shelley Preston Version)
4. Big Deal (1986 7" Version)
5. I Want To Stay
6. What's One Lonely Woman
7. The Company You Keep (Demo)
8. Easy Trouble
9. One Heart
10. I Should Have Been Strong
11. Paper Hearts
12. Innocent
13. Big Deal (1986 Extended Version)
14. Live Motown Medley
15. Live Rolling Stones Medley
16. Soul Motion (2011 Extended Version)

Skribent: Anthony May
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