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Sabaton - Carolus Rex | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sabaton - Carolus Rex



Carolus Rex is the seventh studio album from Swedish power metal band Sabaton. The album comes at a time of change for the band, with the band changing it's lineup radically in the time between finishing the album and it's release. Four members have left and been replaced, with only Pär Sundström and Joakim Brodén remaining. Sadly this has inevitably distracted attention away from the forthcoming album which is a shame as the album is excellent.
For the new album Sabaton have abandoned their usual lyrical themes of World War 2 and instead have made a concept album about the Swedish Empire in the period 1561-1721.

The album will be released in two versions - Swedish or English. I'm not clear if the Swedish language version will be available outside Sweden (there probably isnt much demand elsewhere except for hardcore fans), but the version reviewed here is the English version

For anyone worried that the change in lyrical theme will mean a similar change in musical style, you can relax. While the keyboards are more prominent here than in the last album, you just have to listen to the choruses to know that this album is classic Sabaton.

There are plenty of fast songs here but also some mid-paced stuff too. The sound is that classic rich heavy, bombastic Sabaton sound which suits their military themed lyrics so well.

This is a great album. Sabaton have been building a strong following over recent years with their albums and their live performances, and this album looks set to continue their run of great albums. Well worth adding to your collection.

Carolus Rex will be released on 28th May via Nuclear Blast

Track listing:

1. Dominium Maris Baltici
2. The Lion From the North
3. Gott Mit Uns
4. A Lifetime Of War
5. 1 6 4 8
6. The Carolean's Prayer
7. Carolus Rex
8. Killing Ground
9. Poltava
10. Long Live The King
11. Ruina Imperii

Skribent: Anthony May
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