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Sandy Denny - Rendezvous (Deluxe edition) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sandy Denny - Rendezvous (Deluxe edition)



Universal records are releasing three Sandy Denny solo albums (Rendezvous, Sandy & Like an old fashioned waltz) as part of their collection of Deluxe edition reissues. As we've come to expect from these Deluxe Editions, they're packed full of extra material.

These new editions also coincide with a UK tour entitled “The Lady: A Homage to Sandy Denny” which will present an evening of classic songs by Sandy featuring Joan Wasser (aka Joan As Police Woman), Maddy Prior, Jerry Donahue, Dave Swarbrick, Green Gartside, PP Arnold and Thea Gilmore.

"Rendezvous" was released in May 1977, less than a year before Sandy Denny's death in April 1978. Since her death, Sandy Denny’s reputation has grown, largely due to this album along with "Sandy" and "Like an old fashioned waltz" albums (which are built mainly around her own compositions), that she is now widely regarded by many as one of Britain’s finest female singer songwriter. It's a fact made even more impressive when you realise how young she was - she was only 31 when she died which is terribly young for such a talent to be snuffed out. Sadly many of the worlds greatest musicians have died young, but have left us with some amazing music that is still being enjoyed decades after their deaths.

As always Universal have searched the archives to find a load of extra material to include with this release. It's a 2 CD package with 25 tracks in total - the 9 of the original album plus another 16. The packaging is equally impressive - the gatefold packaging is illustrated with glossy photos and images of tickets, newspaper items etc, and the CD booklet is nicely illustrated too and includes a comprehensive article about Sandy Denny. A really impressive package.

Rendezvous contains a cover of the Elton John hit "Candle in the wind", and it's a really beautiful version of a great song. The album also contains some of her best work including "I'm A Dreamer", "One Way Donkey Ride" and "All Our Days". The whole album is fantastic, and the bonus tracks are all of an equally high standard and well worth listening to.

This is a great album and any Fairport Convention or Sandy Denny fans should seriously consider adding this album to their collection - with all the extra material it's a great value purchase even if someone already has the original album.

Track listing:

Disc 1:

The original album

1. I wish I was a fool for you
2. Gold dust
3. Candle in the wind
4. Take me away
5. One way donkey ride
6. I'm a dreamer
7. All our days
8. Silver threads and golden needles
9. No more sad refrains

Bonus tracks

10. Still waters run deep (original "Gold Dust" LP version)
11. By the time it gets dark (Studio out-take with full band)
12. Full moon (Featuring Dave Swarbrick violin solo)
13. Easy to slip (Album out-take alternate mix)
14. Losing game (Album out-take alternate mix featuring Jess Roden)

Disc 2:

1. No more sad refrains
2. Full moon
3. One way donkey ride
4. I'm a dreamer (2nd version - demo recordigns)
5. By the time it gets dark (acoustic demo version)
6. Candle in the wind (Piano version)
7. All our days (choral version)
8. Gold dust (original "Gold Dust" LP version)
9. Take me away (Alternative take - previously unreleased)
10. I wish I was a fool for you
11. No more sad refrains (Live at the Royalty theatre)

Skribent: Anthony May
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