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Syd Arthur - On an on | FESTIVALPHOTO

Syd Arthur - On an on



Syd Arthur are a psychadelic/progresssive rock band from Canterbury. If that seems like a strange description then I can only say that it's a good fit to their music, which has a very unusual sound. There are definite Prog rock influences here, but also psychedelic and folk influences, which all blends together to form a quite gentle but complex sound.

This is certainly a difficult album to review as it does sound so different to most other bands and it's hard to describe the music as it's so rich and diverse. The vocals are quite high pitched which isn't a style I'm usually a fan of but I have to admit that it does work well here. The use of the violin adds an interesting aspect to the music and it's used quite heavily so is an integral part of the sound rather than being the occasional bit tacked on.

One thing I can say is that this is a very good album, and if prog or psychadelic rock are genres you like then you should certainly check Syd Arthur out. If you're not sure then check them out on youtube and if you like what you hear then buy the album - if it's not your taste then don't.

"On an on" will be released on 2nd July via Dawn chorus recording company

Syd Arthur are:

Liam Magill
Joel Magill
Raven Bush
Fred Rother

Track listing:

1. First difference
2. Edge of the world
3. Ode to the summer
4. Dorothy
5. Truth seeker
6. Night shaped light
7. Promise me
8. Black wave
9. Moving world
10. Paradise lost

Skribent: Anthony May
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