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Kelly Padrick - Soulmate | FESTIVALPHOTO

Kelly Padrick - Soulmate



Kelly Padrick is a singer from New York who has just released her latest album - Soulmate. Once again she has teamed up with her producer and songwriting partner, Nancy Hess and has created an excellent album.

The music and singing is beautifully ethereal and atmospheric and at times is very haunting. Kelly Padrick has a lovely voice and these soft gentle songs work really well with her voice. This is an album that is perfect for listening to while you're working or doing something else - it's lovely to listen to but doesnt distract from whatever you're doing. Equally it's great to just relax and listening to as it's got a very peaceful feel to it.

Although it's hard to describe the music it's very good - I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to it, and if you like laid back ethereal music then this is definitely something you should listen to.

Track Listing:

1. Piercing
2. Tangled Forest
3. Here I Am
4. While I Disappear
5. This Time
6. Believing Makes It So
7. Au Contraire
8. Beautiful Man
9. So Long
10. Soulmate

Skribent: Anthony May
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