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Biting Elbows – The self titled album | FESTIVALPHOTO

Biting Elbows – The self titled album

Biting Elbows – The self titled album - Misteria Records - July 23rd

VIDEO FOR THE STAMPEDE (2 Million Views and Counting):


Russian punks Biting Elbows announce their debut UK album release, a self titled collection of 12 killer, dark, affected punk tracks. Recorded in the darkest recesses of shady Moscow city, the album was put together in a total of 5 studios; the band being moved on from one venue to the next. A Molotov Cocktail of influences, Biting Elbows draw from the likes of Rancid, The Misfits, The Clash, Sublime and Violent Femmes to reach a punk sound of devastating punch and power.

Opening track, and forthcoming single Toothpick gets the record off to a moody start, (calling to mind bands like Rancid at their most bitter and twisted) it’s the story of the sorts of revenge fantasies that follow the end of a relationship. The video for the single was conceived and directed by vocalist / rhythm guitarist Ilya Naishuller and is viewable here:

An album doused in youthful anger, and fuelled by an inability to accept what appear to global injustices, Biting Elbows thematically packs a punch. Rabid Red contemplates police violence, Dustbus, untrustworthy government scheming. Conversely, album closer One Night In ’99 boasts about the closeness in the punk rock community and the great influence that music can have. Naishuller sings ‘I crawl up three flights of stairs like half a zombie… tell me the name of that ridiculously awesome band’.

Skribent: Anthony May
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