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The Cult - Choice of Weapon | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Cult - Choice of Weapon



One of the best rock bands to come out of Britain in the 1980's, The Cult are back with their new album, "Choice of weapon".

After the collapse of the short lived Southern Death Cult, singer Ian Astbury joined up with guitarist Billy Duffy to form Death Cult in 1983, before changing the name less than a year later to The Cult. Their debut album, Dreamtime, won them plenty of fans, but it was their second album, Love, released in 1985 that really brought them mainstream attention and commercial success, and the band built on this with Electric (1987), and Sonic Temple (1989). Their 1991 album, Ceremony, was less successful, and their 1994 album, The Cult was even less successful, and the band split the following year. It wasnt till five years later that the band reformed and released two albums - Beyond good and evil (2001) and Born into this (2007) that were very disappointing. Now five years later they have released "Choice of Weapon".

For fans disappointed with the last album, this new album is great news - Produced by Bob Rock & Chris Goss, the new album see's a definite return to form by the band, and when The Cult are on form then they make some excellent music.

Opening track "Honey from the knife" immediately lets you know that this is The Cult back on form - it's an excellent song, powerful heavy guitar riffs, Ian Astbury's excellent vocals and a great song. A really good start to the album

Two singles from the album were released prior to the albums release - "Lucifer" and "For the animals", and as you'd expect these are both great songs, heavy guitar driven songs that definitely live up to the legacy of albums such as Electric and Sonic Temple.

I'm not going to go into much detail about the album other than to say that this is a welcome return to form from the band and any fans should certainly get this album.

Choice of weapon is out now

Track listing:

1. Honey from a Knife
2. Elemental Light
3. The Wolf
4. Life > Death
5. For the Animals
6. Amnesia
7. Wilderness Now
8. Lucifer
9. A Pale Horse
10. This Night In The City Forever

Skribent: Anthony May
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