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OST FEST: 2 stages, 62 hours of nonstop music and over 30 bands! | FESTIVALPHOTO

OST FEST: 2 stages, 62 hours of nonstop music and over 30 bands!


     For fans looking forward to the June 15, 2012 edition of OST FEST, they can now make plans for 62 hours of nonstop music, over 30 bands and 2 stages!

Friday, June 15, scene 1:
Armies of Enlil, Psychogod, White Walls, Exodus, Overkill, Dimmu Borgir, Motley Crue

Friday, June 15, scene 2:
Infected Rain Finsterforst, Warchant, Thrnafire, Claymore

Saturday June 16, scene 1:
Landing, Mystery, HolyHell, Trooper, Europe, Manowar

Saturday June 16, scene 2:
Steelborn, Addiction, Six Tri Syn Ze, Gothic, Early

Sunday, June 17, scene 1:
Reborn, Metrock, Lake of Tears, WASP, Megadeth, Motorhead

Sunday, June 17, scene 2:
Tiarra, Khors, Code Red, Shifting Sands, Voodoo
    More details about the festival can be found by accessing or the Facebook page

      Tickets / passes / vouchers for OST Fest can be purchased online from,,,, or the Eventim network.

~ ~ OST FEST Festival will take place from June 15 to June 17, 2012 at Romexpo Bucharest and is organized by Project Events, in collaboration with Cavalleria Events! Event presented by ROCK FM and supported by: Ciuc, Cancan, Ring, Old Town, Truth, Days and Nights, Seven Nights, VIP Nightlife Delhi, Stop To Shop,,,, RockStage. en,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Spectacular View, Caro Hotel, comapany, Carpat Guard Spard Team. ~ ~

Skribent: Ioana Epure
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Hail Hail Skriven 2012-06-12 14:08:59
MANOWAR!!! I want to go so badly